Friday, May 18, 2012

I can get a lollypop anywhere dude

So Target is presenting "The Shops" little commerce microcosims of unique stores like The Webster, Polka Dog and Cos Bar to the masses. Far be it from me to complain about shopping opportunities but I feel there is something remiss in this. Isn't the whole point of having a unique store is the pure exclusivity of it's culture? Not in a snob kind of way, but isn't the fact your stuff is being sold to everyone on the planet makes it just a little bit less special? Somes times the appeal of a shop is not so much as it's mix of product, I mean nothing new is being invented here, but it's atmosphere and what it evokes for you. I don't want to go to Big Box and buy Girly Chic tops, Yats etouffe or Crimson Tate headbands. I want to go to the actual store, ya know?