Sunday, September 30, 2012

baak baak

Trend alert! That would be animal sweaters. Prada owls to D Squared foxes to ironic cat sweatshirts from the Goodwill, you cannot got wrong with a beast on your feast. I'm taking the plunge with J Crew's  French Hen navy and pink cashmere pullover which I will tuck into my 70's poly vintage high waisted Brady plaid majorly bell bottom pants. PS I would like a chicken coop from Indy Chickens for my birthday

People really leaf peep. I thought it was euphemism

I am seriously thinking about going to Chi town on Oct 4 and waiting in line for the Anna Dello Russo designed line for H&M. From the Tiffany blue wheelie luggage trimmed in baroque gold to the alligator sunglasses, it will be like Versace, Schiaparelli and Las Vegas had a baby and it needed accessorizing. Cannot wait. LOVE HER

From underated to over, I really hate Nashville Indiana. I took the children to a gem mine for their birthday, which those little philistines thought was the coolest. In order to get to it we had to pass gift shop after candle shop after landscape art gallery and then do it all again. How many fucking fudgeries do you need in one place? Cultural void with a dress code. T shirt, jean shorts, flip flops. Every. Single.  Person. Except the bikers. Add bandana and subtract flip flops

Friday, September 28, 2012

Oregon omelette

This is is super great. Custom cast iron skillets in the shape of the state of your choice by FeLion Studios. Order now for Christmas since they are 2 months out. Also in: the future bacon shortage potential has been greatly exaggerated. Whew.

I love my hot pink NB sneakers so much, not Queen Latifa so much but still,  that I have purchased several fuchia trimmed w/o pants with about 14 also deep pink t shirts (clearance Target) so I am all matchy matchy ALL THE TIME. My navy/white striped shirts are so jealous

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thumper! What's the name of the game.....

Wow this totally reminded me of the time I fit an entire drink without a lid mind you into my purse pre-flee post-bachelorette party at this crazy dance bar in Texas. Too bad I didn't just start out with this thing.
Fashionable alcoholics on the go can thank their lucky stars for Volere's new portable wine carrier . Over the shoulder and camouflaged as an on trend quilted purse, this baby allows you, once you reach your destination, (or in the cab on the way) to pop out the spout and  have your choice of vino of the boxed ilk. 2  whole bottles worth! I am sure it is just terrible tasting but hey I cannot be a hater of creative libation transporation.

Oh maaaayh, y'all

Hey here's a new way to increase your environmental presence in a positive way: it be called perfumed infused gloves. At, leather is soaked in a berry vanilla water and then formed into a classic glove that retains its scent up to 2 years. Just wave them around all southern belle like. Classy

Monday, September 17, 2012

Not old! Seasoned!

Check out my new peeps! And yes they have actual 'scrip lens in them, no poser here.  I bought these antique frames @ a Queen City Show last summer and they were able to pop out the crazy thick Bi Fo's and add what I needed. I know you can get reading glasses at CVS but there were much more fun and were only $79 for installation. The children say they make me look mad, to which I say " I am mad! Where's my latte!"


Uh I forgot to post this when it dropped but maybe that means you can get it on clearance now perhaps. Maybe. Creatures of the Wind collabbed with J Crew for a teeny collection of seperates and I have to admit this is about the only pair of brogues I have seen Iwould actually wear. Seriously obnoxious

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On Trend

What say ye to the faux jeweled collar trend? I'm kind digging the necklace versus the actual detached collar you just set on your tank top or whatever. Looks too much like like those small doggie fashion statements and really nobody wants that

yay CVS

Winning every beauty award on the planet is YSL TOUCHE ECLAT highlighter that minimizes lines and brightens your face just in general. I am forever indebted to the YSL liquid eyeliner so much that I buy in threes because no one in drugstore land makes a grey black liquid eyeliner. While I have not found a cheater for this I have for the former in the form of L'oreal Lumi Magique pen. Practically the same y'all.

Truin stopped by Minx today and brought the actual bag I blogged about here. Oh My God it it even more amazing in person. From the stainless steel hardware to the versatile folding sides. It is truly huge so I am holding out for the medium bag that drops in 6 weeks. Oh and the deadly dragon claw clutch! Not for amatures.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Oh look I got some of them there fancy pants lightweight natural gait New Balance running shoes. Sadly Nordstrams was sold out of the neon yellow ones in my size so I went for the pink. I got to experienced the new Nordstroms INDEPENDANT SALES type employee who does not need a POS because they carry one around with them. The bad part is it looks like a smartphone so you are never sure if email is being checked while you are being ignored or they are just looking for your size. And I had to get my own footie. WHICH MAY HAVE BEEN USED. We are one step away from self check out, which I am ok with but think, like the ATM, we should get a discount for using since we are saving some corporate cog on payroll.

And a review of the actual shoes? I think I will stick to my Asics, I need the support as far as working out. But man there are super cute and will pair with dark skinnies for AM garage sales

Friday, September 7, 2012

Three dollar makes you holla

When I had a flip phone back in the day I bought this giant pink fuzzy dog cover that had these big huggy arms and everything and it was just hilarious to use and everyone wanted it but then I left it on the hood of my car right before I drove to the CVS for stuff and it was lost forever. Hoping to re-create that.

See previous post re: little luxuries. A new phone case just brightens your day, does it not?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

H&M home

I have not managed to get to the new and improved H&M at Castleton due to my aversion to construction so I cannot tell you if they have the home line of which this adorable fox towel is part of. According to the website,  (UK only) expect lots of British-ey patterned soft goods and weirdly enough, storage.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where is that Chess King gift cert from Christmas 1985

Leather is having a heyday. Used to be a cheesy tag line to ultimate sexy rebel-ness(Berman Leather is altogether....or was it so together?) moto jackets and pleated tapered pants is now quite chic. Case in point: Valentino showing his signature red and girley lace styling but showcasing it in leather.Sorry for the Kristen Bell photo (I just googled red+ leather+Valentino ) and even sorrier I know who that is

Comfy yet cool

Sorry for the lousy pic but I think you get the point. The hottest trend in the fitness world is the minimalist sneaker, designed to mimic the natural barefoot stride. This extremely lightweight shoe is best experienced in a riot of colors and neon trim is a must. I have to admit, after my Tom's summer, the 5" platform seems passe'. Oh who am I kidding, I'm not giving the Loubs up yet but there is something really fresh about a maniac crazy color shoe that will look cute with my skinnies and Hayden Harnett tee at the BR Farmers Market on Saturdays

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bad yet so good

It's easy to be a Bakers Shoes hater.  Cheaply made but let's face it hugely trend on. CASE IN POINT Studs, slipper, grey flannel and under fifty bucks. Just throw them away in the spring. I mean donate

FNO Indy!!!!!

It's official. Indy is competing with the big dog cities and having a Fashion Night Out September 6th. Oh what might FNO be?  It is a little early push and just general public reawareness of SHOPPING. K, so last year it was a strictly Saks and Keystone Xing deal but this year there will be amazing special events at Circle Center, Mass Ave as well as the AIRPORT. How funny is that? But, do not underestimate the source of many woes and delights of Indy travelers, this will be a fine location of OOAK of truly independant designers and like the amazing House of Fifth and Sweet Revenge Lingerie and I expect extra special fashion runways shows to boot. This is the time to come out and update for fall since specials deals may be had and I am pretty sure there will be cupcakes. Sadly, I have commited to Social Club 19's Fashion Blogger Lounge at CC and since there is only one of me (working on that!) I am hoping to see the ex-Nordstroms windows worked up by top Indy stylists ( including Savannah Norris who borrowed her props from Minx) and check out the afterparty at Blu