Monday, September 3, 2012

FNO Indy!!!!!

It's official. Indy is competing with the big dog cities and having a Fashion Night Out September 6th. Oh what might FNO be?  It is a little early push and just general public reawareness of SHOPPING. K, so last year it was a strictly Saks and Keystone Xing deal but this year there will be amazing special events at Circle Center, Mass Ave as well as the AIRPORT. How funny is that? But, do not underestimate the source of many woes and delights of Indy travelers, this will be a fine location of OOAK of truly independant designers and like the amazing House of Fifth and Sweet Revenge Lingerie and I expect extra special fashion runways shows to boot. This is the time to come out and update for fall since specials deals may be had and I am pretty sure there will be cupcakes. Sadly, I have commited to Social Club 19's Fashion Blogger Lounge at CC and since there is only one of me (working on that!) I am hoping to see the ex-Nordstroms windows worked up by top Indy stylists ( including Savannah Norris who borrowed her props from Minx) and check out the afterparty at Blu