Sunday, September 30, 2012

People really leaf peep. I thought it was euphemism

I am seriously thinking about going to Chi town on Oct 4 and waiting in line for the Anna Dello Russo designed line for H&M. From the Tiffany blue wheelie luggage trimmed in baroque gold to the alligator sunglasses, it will be like Versace, Schiaparelli and Las Vegas had a baby and it needed accessorizing. Cannot wait. LOVE HER

From underated to over, I really hate Nashville Indiana. I took the children to a gem mine for their birthday, which those little philistines thought was the coolest. In order to get to it we had to pass gift shop after candle shop after landscape art gallery and then do it all again. How many fucking fudgeries do you need in one place? Cultural void with a dress code. T shirt, jean shorts, flip flops. Every. Single.  Person. Except the bikers. Add bandana and subtract flip flops