Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rachel Zoe: what next?

Usually you start with the couture line and then tickle down to limited edition Kohls or Target. Rachel Zoe took the opposite approach. The stylist to the stars launched her QVC collection last year and while growing a baby, managed to design a higher end line that is being sold at Intermix and Neiman's. I have to say that both lines are totally evocative of her personal style, which makes me wonder what she will do for an encore. How many faux fur vests, ruffled maxi dresses and fitted wide leg pantsuits can one tweak? Also a hmmmmm...if you like the look do you spring for the couture quality line or the cheapie, potentially throw away stuff?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Like Muffy but sexier

I am intrigued by the nouveau preppy fashion movement. True prep does not deviate and will wear it's LL Bean bluchers untill they are covered with duct tape to keep them together. So, NP is more like incorporating elements of the style, it will never be truly preppy. Ok now that we have that out of the way...

Lacoste has done a great job with this in their new line with gauzy pleated skirts, skintight tennis sweaters and kissing crocs. Honestly all you need to to is wear something navy and white striped that is cut modern and you are NP. Or rattan anything in a bright color. Or boy traditional boy clothes with a smoking hot girl thing, like teeny bikini with Brooks Bros oxford shirt coverup.

Also easy: fishing line swivel bracelets, giant man's watch, kakhi and/or navy with one crazy color accent (orange, neon green, fuchia), platform espadrilles, Kate Spade 5 years ago
nouveau preppy

River Island pink jacket
£20 -

Halogen stretchy skirt
$68 -

Racing Green extra long sleeve shirt
£25 -

Metallic bag
$30 -

Red Herring navy jewelry
£16 -

Sessun belt
€14 -

Black looks scarily life-like

The greatest bunny slippers in the world. That is all $59

Thursday, July 28, 2011

They should pay me to advertise, right?

I love the "surprise!" factor of this bag. And the furry flap.

However I hate more the $425 price tag and fact that is from the True Blood line of merchandise from

I'll cop to a Mr Winkle tee but most licensed apparel is forbidden in my house. No Cars, no Disney Princess crap and no Tasmanian Devil. Hello Kitty OK

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jackass come to mind

Diesels' new tag line is "Be Stupid". Ya know, cause all the smart people are boring and uncreative
Well I don't know what genius came up with the $200 Jogg Jeans but obviously they are speaking directly to the end user

PS: haven't we seen this before on some kind of infomercial? Oh yeah.....

I get enough in my inbox

What is it with these style driven shopping sites? you know, the ones who ask you what you like to wear based on a choice of three outifts or accessories, then send a you monthly selections based in this limited algorithm. Kim Kardashian has one for shoes, The Olsen twins for tee and for shoes without the big giant ass endorsement.
This shit is totally flawed for many reasons. First of all, the three choices you are usually given to chose from are so outrageously typecast, it is pretty easy to see where they are leading you. Secondly, not everyone fits into a this set pattern. Especially me. sure I like some me some crazy extreme runway type get up but also staid classic brands that obviousley cost thousands of dollars (retail!.)Also, clevage. None of these really go together so the tee or shoes shoved at me is always a bit of a miss. The third flaw is such: I don't want to buy soemthing I already have some of. Send me off an a wild tanget PLEASE.
Well, it probably works for sheep
Anyway (MK & A, looking at you) don't we have anough super soft t shirts in our C&C, Splendid and James Perse? Thought so

Translate that Tiger Beat poster

FASCINATING article in the month's bazaar by Justine Picardie. She went tot eh actual French convent orphanage where Gabrielle Chanel lived from age 11 to 18
Promising to keep the vow of silence that the nuns obbserved, the writer spent time exploring the Abbey. there she noticed the many patterns that made up the midieval stained glass, the iron locks and the mosaics on the tile floor. Familiar themes arose. Geometric interlokced "C"'s, 5 sided petals, chains: all things that can be seen in in classic Chanel designs even today.
When I think about what my teen years may have carried forth in me today, the only thing I can think of is perhaps my continued love of big hair

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why did I not think of that

Have we not all have that moment where fashion trumps attractiveness? You know, the clothes are wearing YOU?
Personal worst, I had such a moment in the 80's where a standard heeled oxford shoes (aka 40's era look) was paired with almost all of my dresses. A savvy 40-ish co-worked remarked "you will never get a man with those shoes" Agree. BUT IT WAS SO COOL. Currently I have an orange traffic cone behomouth of a skirt with lots of strappy things and velcro I am not sure what to do with, yet I wear it. In public.
There are others with this dogged determination. Most notibly fellow blogger Google neon + turban and this is what you will find. LOVE LEANDRA.
It is a good day when people stare. And possibly question your fitness for jury duty. She has coined the phrase "arm party" meaning oodles of bracelets and I am totally stealing but not without cred because she clearly states on her blog she will not hesitate to sue for intellectual property theft to finance her Proenza Schouler collection acquisition which is really kind of Boss. Go girl! But, you know, not in my direction

Monday, July 25, 2011

Smurfette's Bazaar spread

My Harper's Bazaar has been violated!!

I didn't like you in the 80's and I certainly do not like you now. Insert laugh track. Cheap jokes and cheap shots at a cat lover who is just looking for acceptance of self and the absence of unmitigated, unnecessary cheerfulness. And the whole overuse of that "S" word. Why do you y'all think the world and language revolves around you?

Really, does this do justice to the clothes or just make them seem, um cartoonish? Well, duh.

As far as the movie, I told the kids: "Your Dipshit Dad can take you to see this one." Nuh-uh. I'm holding out for Happy Feet 2

Oh, and by the way? You are totally, and obviously, photo shopped. No how can your wide ass feet fit into those stilettos

ETA: my friend Jenny Elig feels the same way. See

Not as hard as it looks

Window treatments send a shiver thought my black heart. All that measuring? Yuck. Math is hard and what if I mess it up MY WINDOWS WILL BE RUINED FOREVER (for the record: I got a 1480 on my SATS, sadly unable to recapture the glory that was my 1520 PSAT, so math is not really the problem, I'm just sloppy)
Enter Smith + Noble.
Blinds. Drapes. Roller shades(my fave). All pretty much custom at an uncustom price. If it is all too much just call and they will walk you through it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

100 degrees in the shade

While the thought of cashmere or wool on my feeties right at this moment makes me want to puke, it is still an interesting combo.
Toms and The Row are shacking up and creating a wool plaid and grey cashmere line of the comfy good-for-the-world shoe. Topping out at $150, about 3 times the price of the orginal(QUALITY!FABRICS!)it would be a cozy fall option.
I have never cared for Tom's. I embrace the charity idea but a little sloppy for my personal style. Maybe I just need to get to Capri more.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My old neighbor

This stupid orange skirt from Ann Taylor has been in every single magazine I get! As editorial! When I say stupid, I mean I kinda like it, it has a cool exposed zipper, is slighty stretchy and the orange is so soft it could almost be a neutral. It would look extra nice with leopard, or navy if you are shy. Try it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Look, a camel camel toe!

These crazy 4K paw shoes from Christian Louboutin remind me of another, not so sexy shoe

Maison Martin Margiela "Tabi" line has been scaring people for years in the form of bootie, ballet flat and a sort-of-acceptable over the knee spike boot. They range from $700 to $1250. If your are going to go PAW, think of the savings!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Business in the front, party in the back

Yet another dubious shoe: the high heeled loafer

For office-ey business only and I wouldn't touch it if it were under 4".

That's my life motto for just about everything anyway

Fall trend alert. Maybe

Look at this teeny tiny shoe. Is it cute? Or hideous? I can tell you it is oh so trendy for the ladies to be sporting this traditional English formal man shoe and while I can see it's appeal in a strictly practical sense (for bike riding??)I am thinking, really, it's a bit man repeller (more on this later, pay attention)Ghillies, loafers, oxfords, brogues: call them what you like. Never say never so if I had to, I'd go two tone with a slim silhouette. Grenson shoes $273 at

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whew, i was worried there for a minute

Hooray! Anthro is back to being spot on. Lovely floral conservative tranch has a major naughty suprise in a corset style, tightly laced back $198

Vintage find of the day

Love this giant 70's sunburst pendant. Restrained exuberance

With my BPE Natalie woot woot

I was stalking this Big Bad Boy at an auction but the final bid of $2800 was waaay out of the store's marketing budget

Wait, what store, you ask?

My super secret project surprise is exactly that. Combining the forces of good that is (RIP) Antiques on the Square and (RIP)Venus and Mars, Minx is opening August 4 at the Penn Arts buiding (111 E 16th Street) and will be loaded with vintage and designer clothes, jewelry, delicious candy and retro housewares. Make sure you "Like" me on facebook for all the deets. And possible huge party invite. Then, like "Minx" on FB too, though right now that page is seriously lame-o

I promise IFB will stay true to local shopping and not so local clothes, this will not become a big old advertorial. Minx operates on the same philosophy I tell all my haters: "get your own blog, bitch"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Team Madison

I remember when Coach only had like 6 styles and 5 colors and while slightly stogy you knew it was a Quality Bag and you could entertain the idea of Collecting Them All. Then ol' Reed took over and totally reinvented it and while I am thrilled with some of his peppy designs, I feel perhaps Coach's money would be better off policing the knock off market then churning out umpteen new designs a season. It's just not special any more.
Perhaps feeling this pain, Net-A-Porter has hopped into the wayback machine and is selling the Coach Classic line of 5 orginal designs with nary a glittery logo to be seen. This is perfect for someone who is totally over the IT BAG because let me tell you honey you will use this purse until you puke. 4 evah

Our station wagon was screaming yellow

This baby nearly caused me to crash into the lineup outside of Speed City Scooters. Awwwwwwwwsome. I just had to get a closer look(Biba dress)
More fabulousness right inside the door with this oldie but rest assured they have plenty of new scoots too. From the darling Stella to a classic Vespa as well as the Kymco brand reminiscent of the Honda Scooter that Grace Jones used to ride that was the shit in the early 80's: there is something for everyone. Including $80 stickers to dress them up with and a sparkly pink helmet. Make sure you check out the green fridge in the break room.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


"I'm oh so shy" yet "Work it girl" The best of both worlds. A classic trench and dramatic cape from DVF

Friday, July 1, 2011

Frock Crawl

I am a little type A so I prefer to drive when on outings. Hey, all of the the control yet all of the responsibility, I'll take it. However I might waive this and hop on the upcoming Consigment Shop Bus Tour sponsered by Simply Chic and Butterfly. $25 gets you a DD, box lunch, discounts at 7 shops, new shopping friends and prizes during a 9-6pm spree on August 6th. Throw in a little cocktail and I am SO THERE. Call 576-1300 to book your seat