Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why did I not think of that

Have we not all have that moment where fashion trumps attractiveness? You know, the clothes are wearing YOU?
Personal worst, I had such a moment in the 80's where a standard heeled oxford shoes (aka 40's era look) was paired with almost all of my dresses. A savvy 40-ish co-worked remarked "you will never get a man with those shoes" Agree. BUT IT WAS SO COOL. Currently I have an orange traffic cone behomouth of a skirt with lots of strappy things and velcro I am not sure what to do with, yet I wear it. In public.
There are others with this dogged determination. Most notibly fellow blogger www.manrepeller.com. Google neon + turban and this is what you will find. LOVE LEANDRA.
It is a good day when people stare. And possibly question your fitness for jury duty. She has coined the phrase "arm party" meaning oodles of bracelets and I am totally stealing but not without cred because she clearly states on her blog she will not hesitate to sue for intellectual property theft to finance her Proenza Schouler collection acquisition which is really kind of Boss. Go girl! But, you know, not in my direction