Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ignore the retail feet

What will $9.99 get you? These orange owl jelly sandals from F21, thats what. A collab from the hot British rubber shoes designer Melissa also has sleek thin strappy ones and a studded gladiator in color block. Also got a leather sleeve olive cargo jacket but passed on the pleather overalls. Just no

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not as booty as pictured

I bought these shorts at H&M today. Going to pair them with my new Madewell chambray shirt rolled and tied at the waist with cut out tan canvas Tieta boots then later a plain tank with possibly glitter platforms for PM. They do not need a lot of accessorizing being so busy and all. Through H&M's Sustainability Program I got 15% off for bringing in some old frocks for recycling which put a dent in the $49 price tag (not on sale, can you believe I got it anyway? SMHS)

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Been in search for the perfect basic chambray shirt. Want to pair it tucked in with navy cream striped J Crew raffia pencil skirt, as a bathing suit cover up and tied under bust w black high waisted shorts (not all at once) While I could dig up my oversized acid washed Guess one from 1987 I decided it needed to be a bit more fitted and less acidic. After tearing up the Madewell display (geez they all has the sleeves rolled up how am I supposed to try them on) of various styles, settled on the 'EX BOYFRIEND LIGHT" (perhaps that is why he is an Ex) sadly not on sale and will never be according to the heavily banged associate.

Finally got to the C Wonder store and did I feel like Victoria's Secret (mirrors and stuffed logo dogs) Kate Spade ( Hollywood Glam) and Dollar Store (overwhenming smell of plastic wrap). threw up. Get it together Chris! Signature scent! Lose the dog! Was hoping to get a stack of enameled bracelets but didn't feel I should reward the branding fail

Monday, June 10, 2013

Black please

Summer festivals require madcap glasses and these mod mod world ones from Boohoo will do the trick. Yup, they are across the pond evidenced by 'scripts like dungaree and ghilet, but provide free ship if you meet the max order. Since these lovelies were only  12 bucks (!!!) I had to add a romper and a sweet metallic clutch to the mix. Durn it

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Don't go there

What can't you buy at Target? No longer is that answer "wedding dress". The Tevolio capsule collection is online only,starts at $66  to $159 and is totally boring. Look, people, if your goal is a $99 wedding dress try Cache, BCBG or even bebe. Or just wait until prom season markdowns at major department stores, the Pearl collection at JC Penney is particularly nice. It's OK

Monday, June 3, 2013

Look, Muffy, a shoe for us!

Celebrating their 35th anniversary of the Vara and Varina shoe, Ferragamo is giving the masses their chance to customize these iconic flats with bow and leather of choice. Sounds fantastic but I have to say the combos are limited. I wanted robins egg blue with red or pink with lime green but no luck. Still, the idea of matchy matchy is irresistable. $550 in 7-9 weeks at