Sunday, November 30, 2008

Steiff animals

I don't know why I love these little things. Perhaps it is the fine German engineering. Maybe it is the memory of receiving them from my Uncle John who worked for Doneckers in Epherta which I would then promptly cut the name tags off, which makes me shudder today. Maybe it's because they are just so damn cute. There is huge display of them at the Children's Museum and I saw a few I have in my collection and few I would like to steal. 1950's or earlier, mohair, and under 5" please

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'll pay the fine

This dress violates several of my rules. I usually don't buy stuff that 1. I can't wear a bra with 2. I have to wear my hair up to get the full effect and 3. From Newport News. Oopsie

I love pad whatever

This is my friend, the cheesemonger Christina who has shown an excellent use of vintage as well as layering. Her new blog will be up soon so check it out. We are at Siam Square, so excellent thai food, in Fountain Square. Perhaps this area will become the ethnic food center of Indy with Greek, Turkish, Italian and Southern BBQ eateries on every corner. Just add sushi

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Feenciful Feerie

Despite the unfortunate spelling, I am entirely attracted to this perfume. Well, maybe just the bottle. Is it twee or whimsical? Too Lord of the Rings or more like the 1920' s Blue Fairy Book series? That would have to be decided upon personal perusal, I suppose. I can't believe a fine jewelry maker would skimp on the packaging but it is possible. This harkens back to the time when women kept their original perfume bottles forever and just had them refilled at the shop. Tres elegant! However, it is entirely possible it would put my eye out, do I really that on my vanity? An eyeball?

December is the only time Pepperidge farm stores make any money

This is the first year I have not been locked and loaded by now on my Christmas shopping. I am going to take it easy this Black Friday, hitting The Toggery, Sephora ($15 off $35 purchase coupon), and Gymboree for sure. Here's where I am not going: Toys R Us, Kohls and Best Buy. If you must start NOW, Kmart is open today. I think there only one left in Indianapolis, but what brill idea. You know there are some football unfans that are just itching to get out of the house before Uncle Irv has his twelfth beer

It's a dress. It's a coat.

This frock started life as a silk faille 1950's cocktail coat. I got it at a garage sale and paid too much since it was missing all it's fancy rhinestone buttons. I'm wearing it as a dress: just wrapped the front, fluffed the skirt and cinched on the corset belt. It seems to work. Oakley's of the tall food was random but delicious and they nicely let me order off the menu. It must have been the poof

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where's my gift?

Indyfashbash dosen't wear birthday hats. I wear birthday poofs

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coach coach coach

Though I do not purchase Seventeen magazine anymore I will certainly read it if given the chance. This Coach headband caught my eye tho' the Ebay auction picture is truly unfortunate. Searching in vain for it on Coach's website, i did come across these sweet resort collection sandals they are very Moschino-ish. I can't wait to get them on sale this spring, which is when I will really wear them anyway

Not on purpose, I swear

Oh, I forgot to tell you Saks 50% additional off clearance sale started today. Sale bags not v exciting but good shoes, I got those Prada purple leopard ones i've been eyeballin', and tons of St John if you are into that. And that mess that had going on upstairs has been finished and its an about time Chanel boutique. So very white. I don't know if I just forget or what ,but I never seem to make it to Nordstroms. I need to get a charge so I can get sale notices. Oh yes, and buy things at 25% interest. Can anyone explain to me why things at different Targets are different prices when it comes to mark downs? I had to go to 3 different ones to find the right size shoe for the rock bottom price of $8.96. Hey! Not a day after I shopped there I got a TY note and in invite to the fashion show on Friday from Catwalk. They are on it! Dirty London tweed skirt, J Crew top, H&M puffer vest, Kenzie strappy boots

Monday, November 24, 2008

Yes, I am there yet again

I just cannot get enough Target. Did you know they are closing the Madison Avenue one? That's ok, it sucked anyway. Lots of shoes are 75% off from the fall season, some kids Converse too. The Anya Hindenmark bags looks great on the Bodkier rack, especially the cream one, but feel really crappy. All the Seigerson Morrison shoes looked waaaay too 80's to me, remember I have already moonwalked in that, but I did like the bedazzeled suede shoeboot, the blue is such an unexpected accent color

Brown. blue,cream

This is just a case of match-itis. Juicy sweater, Mossimo pants, Boden jacket, invisible newsboy cap


Herve Leger bandage dresses are a classic in an 80's kind of way but have been making comeback since Max Azria bought them in 2007. Same great look and sadly, price too. This dress above is $1590. Allegedly, even without a perfect body, the straps pretty much suck you in and make it look so. I have never tried one on so cannot vouch for it's sculpting qualities but next time i see one i will and report back to you. I am still kicking myself for not entering the HL shop in Vegas even though i saw a 70% off sign in the back. What was I thinking???

Gilty (get it?)

I have to admit I have been totally holding out on you. I have not shared. It is true, the proverbial online sample/closeout sale does exist. And they can be really good. Showing up daily, only running a few days and selling out quickly, same joys EXCEPT you can (usually) return. Great prices, current merchandise and lots of photos. OK, I will spill. One of my favorite bargain fancy fashion sites is Gilt Groupe. Milly, Marc Jacobs, Hollywood, you know, edgy department store type brands. You can sign up at . Ruelala is also a good one. Prada, YSL Gucci bags, the good ones, Wolford, DVF and strangely enough Steiff stuffed animals( good for me, i am a fan). I just found Hautelook, but have not ordered from, out of LA, currently showcasing Mackage, Thomas Wylde and Chaoirrol jewelry. I have now confessed and I will even send you an invite if you email me

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pandering hipsters

I knew someone in college who got a Ralph Lauren polo tattoo on his chest I just thought it was the dumbest thing ever. I don;t know what they are smoking over there at Gucci but they seem to be missing the mark lately. From that country Goose tapestry collection to the cartoony rabbit appliques. The resort tattoo collection seems a little late to the party. Oh sure 25% of the porceeds go to Unicef, if purchased before Dec 25th but knocking off Soilor jerry seems a desperate move to capture a tired trend. Putting it on white canvas makes the design seem a little sweeter

Saturday, November 22, 2008

And a side of love handles

I love that Burger King commercial where the girl is like "do you want the Badonkadonk Butt or the Ba DAWNKA donk Butt?" This Ed Hardy skirt ordered the latter. Thank goodness for the Girls Next Door or I would have never known what that meant

Thursday, November 20, 2008

You know it's winter when...

Time to bust out the peppermint schnappes and hot chocolate. Just add Uggs

It is so me

Yeah, it's photo shopped all to hell but I love the outfit. Srsly, peplum skirt and top hat? Yes please


I was browsing Zappos for some peacock blue or peacock feather print shoes and came across these little beauties from Irregular Choice, a brand which I have raved about before. They also come in tone on tone black, which seems pretty pointless if you ask me

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Work it girl

My friend Apryl suggested I check out Catwalk which is by Copper Canyon in the Keystone X area and said I would not leave without buying something it is that great. Well, it does not take much for me to do that but she was right. The shop does have a giant catwalk in the middle which must be worth the sales it generates from egomaniacs or drunks since it takes up tons of floorspace. Lots of Custo Barcelona stuff which is a little busy for my taste, but this jacket was nice and arty and half off of $410. I momentarily overcame my aversion to Ed Hardy and bought a corset style lace up skirt, which in my defence had nary a tattoo or skull on it. Friendly sales staff, serious sucking up by giving me size 24 jeans to try on, haha i wish, but mysteriously enough did not a want me to take a picture of the namesake

Leggings are not pants

How quickly I forget that rule. Topshop necklace, Theory tunic and American Apparel liquid legggings

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New store

The Silver in the City empire has expanded in the form of Nurture, a neo baby boutique across the street. Seriously, KK can just do no wrong on Mass Ave. Carrying mostly Tea brand clothes and a cool super soft soy based line for infants, she's offering mod kid furniture as well that is so hip it hurts. It may be stark but, man, is that plastic easy to clean. This awesome dog lamp is 65 bucks of nightlight.
Sakura Urban has moved down to the cool kids block, next to the new Bu Da eatery, and will be adding clothing to it's funky accessories stock. I did not explore the purse/necklace/sunglasses store next door, Sugarpie or whatever it's called, because I was trying to avoid a parking ticket, FAIL, but Shoppers Eve is this Friday (Open until midnight! Free gift wrap!) so perhaps I can hit that then
New SVU 2 nite I LOVE Elliot

Waiting waiting there

I have rediscovered my yellow Clairol hot rollers from 1986 and I am lovin' it. Anthropologie ribbon trim cardi and J Crew ruffle halter that I have a million things to go with.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Shopping LV

These crazy shoes were at Vuitton and though I got a lecture about not taking photos in the store they did not confiscate my camera. Free booze at David Yurman and Nanette Lepore, genius selling technique if you ask me. Tried on some of the Elizabeth and James line at Intermix and a Foley and Corina fringe dress at Scoop. NICE. Kate Spade has some fab retro styled clothing and a new jewelry line but i can't help think she is just phoning it in on the handbags sooooo boring. 50% off Coach shoes, the sisters cleaned up but I could not be torn away from the perfume display. Great smells and I am thinking i want some of the solid so I can rub it in my hair. That makes it subtle yet lasting and every time I do the flip I get to experience it. Vosages chocolate bacon bar, not a joke, so good and super cute store. yummy

More Vegas

Wow. Those little frilly umbrellas are just so fun. Can i get one without the liquor promo on it? Look at the superb make up job the Sephora Givenchy girl gave me. Well, it looked really great a few hours ago. That is what i am talking about, INDY SEHPHORA. That G ball mascara really works and I think the lilac eyeshadow is a surprising thumbs up. The shopping in sin city was great but i restrained myself until i saw this feather head poof at H&M and harassed the display girl to untape it from the mannequin so I could buy it for, OMG, ten dollars!!! I will bust that out later this week

Miss you!!!

Las Vegas for the weekend and no chance to blog but i thought of you a lot i swear. I saved this soooo Vegas pailette Rampage dress from 1986 for the clubbing on Saturday after dinner @ Aquavox, delicioso. My sister is wearing a Marciano top/dress, Urban Outfitters legging which i wish were the liquid ones but she would not have it and Prada butterfly shoes that she got way cheap at the Saks outlet, bitch

Friday, November 14, 2008

That ax one is particularly scary

As much trouble as I am having in airports these days this is the LAST thing I would want to be carrying. Luggage by PinkWolf. They are french, you know

Thursday, November 13, 2008


BCBG dress. Can you see my Brugges Bistro pomme frites baby there? Yummy. Can I just vent at how hard it is to find a current damn UK Vogue in this town? I can get a French one or a British one from September or none at all depending om where you go

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just need a sharpie

So I am trying to get some outfits together for my Las Vegas weekend and I'm thinking about going 80's glam instead of casino 60's. You know: sparkle, animal print, cleavage, maybe some shoulder pads. So where else do i go but bebe. Oh I found lots of the aforementioned but just could not pull the trigger possibly because my pasty legs detracted immensely from all the mini stuff I tried on. I'm thinking leggings not Hilton spray tan will fix that quick. I am still pondering this leopard blouse/dress thingy that I thought was 50% off but was not, causing a huge sulking fit directed at my Visa. Really, really like the graphics on this T shirt but, jeez, fifty bucks?
PS: Saks today ONLY 40% Prada, Chloe and Louboutian shoes.


J Crew cardigan, Merona maternity (!!!!!!) tank, 7 jeans, Joey soooo cute shoes

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I heart brown & orange

Was this just the best day for laying around or what? Rainy and cold, I just need a roaring fire and maybe some peppermint schnapps in my hot chocoate. Tory Burch sweater, Blue Cult jeans and Splash boots

Monday, November 10, 2008

I think i got the mojo back

Finally finding fashion interesting again AKA I found oodles of stuff I'd like to buy. Lucky Magazine is always a favorite, it is so honest, a magazine about shopping, right there on the cover, it comes out and just admits it. I mean, really, aren't all magazines about shopping? Anywhoo, i turned down more corners on the treadmill then i have in a long time and can't wait to review

OOTD Monday

Ugh, these pics do not do this capelet justice. It is really fun. What a cute word: capelet. I'll name my next kitten this because no one will ever let me have a kid again since the unsupervised haircut fiasco last week. Surprisingly, dudes seems to really like this look while my girlfriends were kind of meh. Satin capelet by Forever 21 via Rag O Rama, Bebe pants

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Alice band

I have always had a love/hate affair with headbands. In the 80's they were terribly great with the big bows and all but I am just not genetically able to wear them. They press behind my little ears with a vengeance leaving me dizzy and crabby. I am really taking a chance with this one from Topshop for $25 but it is so cute with the feathers i cannot resist. Of course i said that about the Forenza one with a chain print scarf motif back in '87 that gave me a migraine for a week but we shall see. Liking Topshop a little more once I got over my disappointment of not realizing I was on the UK site and prices were in Euros

Bows, but in a good way

It is no secret that Anthropologie is one of my favorite store. Now you can get that boho cool at Bloomingdale's and Nordstroms in a new line by A's in house designers called Leifsdottir. Allegedly for the still quirky but more sophisticated shopper, that'd be me, the price points will be similar to what they carry now but perhaps not so cutsey, think Phillip Lim or Lanvin.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

That is just what it looks like

Hmmm, could that be a break dancing contest? How retro fun is that to get down with your bad self! I say very much to the poppin and lockin. I did not see any fashion breakouts but perhaps function is far more important than form. Did you know girls can breakdance too? Oh yes. And fat guys too, though that is kind of funny.

Love the hunt

Interesting article on Goodwill in the NY Times magazine this week that name checks our own Young and Laramore ad agency, crediting them with central Indiana's stores seeing a 17% sales increase from 2006-2007. Positioning Goodwill as not so much a charity but more like a discount store, the quirky ads feature the doofy Goodwill Guy, who is actually quite nice in person, as well as many items from my ex-store Antiques on the Square which could make a fun drinking game if I could TIVO them. As a frequent shopper, this distresses me as I don't need the competition but I am resigned to it and hey, it's for charity right?

Friday, November 7, 2008

if i did not have to sit down. ever.

I would totally wear this

Latest favorite

On my way to Anthropologie I was so waylaid by the Max Azria window I completely forgot to go there and use my birthday coupon. Today they had 30% off everything in the store and I snagged a clearance color blocked fitted dress and tried on this amazing "Runway" satin dream. This line is so exclusive that select stores only get a few sizes of these styles and they sell out quick, a fab black embellished one was only to be had in an 8. I am flaunting some amazing details that are probably not showing up like: an extra slightly darker band around the bottom, pleated collar/arm toppers and an exposed zipper. I am so into this brand these days, not too much printed things, just a lot of elegant detailing that is slightly unusual. Pleating, runching, zippers! And just great shoes. I must also address the trend of male sales associates in a women's apparel store, what genius had this idea, they are always wildly enthusiastic and notice your shoes so who wouldn't buy something from them!!

ALSO: J Crew 30% off all instore and online tomorrow


I think you will seeing a lot of this no name bubble skirt in the future

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lotta Prada part 2

Like my new bag? It is E. Nor. Mous. Probably a tactical error on my part but I can't help it, I just have to get the big one, or really, what is the point?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Go Away

If you must fly, do it in style. I love that matching little make up case too! Are you thinking about holiday shopping yet? That would be a great present for your sister. No, that is not a hint, I am just trying to be helpful. I am a fabulous present buyer and would be happy to give you some suggestions. Anyhoo, I never understood how there weren't more sitcomish mixups when those ubiquitous black nylon rolling suitcases were everywhere. Sooooooo ugly

seriously, crying right now

I love tequila! Oh yea, I am all about hope. Obama has fed into that and i pray to God he is not a liar. Because, I believe

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am v excited

Did y'all vote today? Of course you did. I was there at 6 am and unlike others, did not opt to wear my pajama pants though I was sorely tempted. Shamefully, I did wear the my filthy pink Uggs and did not know my district number. Photo unrelated

It is so me

You know how you can get snotty about certain stores and then one day are all surprised at how great they are? I am not talking about Fashion Bug or Dress Barn, come on, they are beyond. More like the J Crew Evolution. In the 80's they had that classic prep look rockin' the pearls with rugbys and then they were the classic boring look everyone got sick of but now they are really great again with the classic retro look? The Secret Ingredient is like that for me. I had always thought it was overwrought, expensive sweaters for women who thought they were all ARTY but when I found myself in there accidentally I was super surprised. No, there are no brand names which saddens the label whore in me but some ingenious separates, unusual dresses and interesting coats. The merch is color coordinated so you can go out of your way to avoid the olive green section if you like and the staff is really, though slightly hovery, friendly. The best thing in the store was this amazing flower bedecked coat that is MINE ALL MINE as soon as I can pony up the $408 for it

Monday, November 3, 2008

men in leather pants, I just don't know

Unless a motorcycle is your only form of transportation or you are the lead singer of a German industrial band named Buk Rutten this is probably something you should avoid. If you must do shiny, form fitting and have little to no body fat, perhaps these Nudie Drycoated oak jeans will do. For a mere $176 you can have the rock star look yet wash them regularly. Nowhere to be found in Indianapolis, of course, you may get them from Barneys or yoox