Friday, November 7, 2008

Latest favorite

On my way to Anthropologie I was so waylaid by the Max Azria window I completely forgot to go there and use my birthday coupon. Today they had 30% off everything in the store and I snagged a clearance color blocked fitted dress and tried on this amazing "Runway" satin dream. This line is so exclusive that select stores only get a few sizes of these styles and they sell out quick, a fab black embellished one was only to be had in an 8. I am flaunting some amazing details that are probably not showing up like: an extra slightly darker band around the bottom, pleated collar/arm toppers and an exposed zipper. I am so into this brand these days, not too much printed things, just a lot of elegant detailing that is slightly unusual. Pleating, runching, zippers! And just great shoes. I must also address the trend of male sales associates in a women's apparel store, what genius had this idea, they are always wildly enthusiastic and notice your shoes so who wouldn't buy something from them!!

ALSO: J Crew 30% off all instore and online tomorrow