Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It is so me

You know how you can get snotty about certain stores and then one day are all surprised at how great they are? I am not talking about Fashion Bug or Dress Barn, come on, they are beyond. More like the J Crew Evolution. In the 80's they had that classic prep look rockin' the pearls with rugbys and then they were the classic boring look everyone got sick of but now they are really great again with the classic retro look? The Secret Ingredient is like that for me. I had always thought it was overwrought, expensive sweaters for women who thought they were all ARTY but when I found myself in there accidentally I was super surprised. No, there are no brand names which saddens the label whore in me but some ingenious separates, unusual dresses and interesting coats. The merch is color coordinated so you can go out of your way to avoid the olive green section if you like and the staff is really, though slightly hovery, friendly. The best thing in the store was this amazing flower bedecked coat that is MINE ALL MINE as soon as I can pony up the $408 for it