Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not on purpose, I swear

Oh, I forgot to tell you Saks 50% additional off clearance sale started today. Sale bags not v exciting but good shoes, I got those Prada purple leopard ones i've been eyeballin', and tons of St John if you are into that. And that mess that had going on upstairs has been finished and its an about time Chanel boutique. So very white. I don't know if I just forget or what ,but I never seem to make it to Nordstroms. I need to get a charge so I can get sale notices. Oh yes, and buy things at 25% interest. Can anyone explain to me why things at different Targets are different prices when it comes to mark downs? I had to go to 3 different ones to find the right size shoe for the rock bottom price of $8.96. Hey! Not a day after I shopped there I got a TY note and in invite to the fashion show on Friday from Catwalk. They are on it! Dirty London tweed skirt, J Crew top, H&M puffer vest, Kenzie strappy boots