Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Work it girl

My friend Apryl suggested I check out Catwalk which is by Copper Canyon in the Keystone X area and said I would not leave without buying something it is that great. Well, it does not take much for me to do that but she was right. The shop does have a giant catwalk in the middle which must be worth the sales it generates from egomaniacs or drunks since it takes up tons of floorspace. Lots of Custo Barcelona stuff which is a little busy for my taste, but this jacket was nice and arty and half off of $410. I momentarily overcame my aversion to Ed Hardy and bought a corset style lace up skirt, which in my defence had nary a tattoo or skull on it. Friendly sales staff, serious sucking up by giving me size 24 jeans to try on, haha i wish, but mysteriously enough did not a want me to take a picture of the namesake