Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kate Young April 14th Target- who cares? Me, maybe

I hope Target is not jumping the shark with it's latest collab. Does your average Tarjay shopper know who Kate Young is or even for that matter what a damn stylist is? NOOOOOOO. Good news for People Like Us, it will not sell out and it is pretty cute. The best is this bootie, the rest is a not wildly special but still slightly edgy-ish and her bangs just just totally aspirational

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bakersfield on Mass

Stolen from the Bakerfield website, thanks guys
I attended an event every night last week from the had from the pattern launch party, two restaurant openings  and various cocktail schmoozes. By Friday I had no desire to even drink one for St Patty's day (weekend), I was so over it. Guess I'm not an alcoholic, so there is something to be said for that.

Ok so the new buzz is Bakersfield on Mass, replacing the original Bazbaux with tequila and tacos. It's noisy and jolly, with cute flavorful tacos (get the fish) and a giant booze list. Really great queso, delightfully lumpy and the house marg for only 6 bucks is a great deal and will get you drunk. not El Sol drunk but still. Skip the premium at twice the price and just have two of the basics. By the way, they know they only have one bathroom, please stop reminding them, they just can't help it

Are you a Flo or a Zoe

I swear Swarovski will collaborate with just about anyone. The latest to their Crystallized stable is Zoe Kravitz, who has designed a silver and turquoise arrow native american inspired line that drops March 22. I am sure, being Swarovski and all, it will be a very nice quality collection but quite frankly the look is quite meh. I guess being 23 years old, your style influences are pretty much Forever 21 and the gift shop from your last field trip to the natural history museum. so edgy.

On a related note, Florence Welch has released a mini jewelry collection on her website called Flotique. A bit more original, it has a lot of arrow (again with the arrows), art deco and chains. Oh and a mini birdcage ring

Twirl girl

It is festival planning season upon us. As in music, all day band business with perhaps some camping out. Maybe making a grilled cheese on a car engine. Yes, I did that. Anyhoo,  what could not be more Coachella then a flower crown. Handmade by the faires at Cult Gaia, a plethora of color choices and some patterned fabric turbans await you. Most crowns are about $100 and before you gasp and clutch your Michaels coupon, I must point out the flowers are fastened to a leather braid and have a lobster clasp closure, certainly one upping the floral department at Trader's Point

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I love the arm party look. Piles of bracelets, its just fun and a bit rock n roll but lets face it, really impractical if you are taping boxes all day and banging out copy. So I have adopted the neck party and my new fave to this particular party is this handcrafted piece from Uncommon Goods, an on trend bird, nest and 3 (in my case) little turquoise eggs. Yes, it is sentimental kill me now

SHOULD NOT EVEN BE A QUESTION BUT STILL: I have an opportunity to buy a Hummer at at great price. DO OR DO NOT

Monday, March 4, 2013

Does this art make my butt look big

The Alexander is the latest in art hotels to grace our fair city. HAHA. it's the only art hotel in Indianapolis and golly it's is pretty cool. 21C is my first love, but as someone pointed out, it can be quite old school while the Alex is all new modern specs. Plat 99 is THE hangout with a lovely view of Lilly (??) and glass lanterns sailing over the cool crisp space. Summer will be all Miami like with metal firepits and sinuous lounge furniture. The drink menu is charming or annoying, depends on how you roll and I am waiting for a good batch of the famous truffle popcorn, so far quite meh. We had fun exploring the hotel and finding all the art like an easter egg hunt of modernity. Nice mix of local and not so much. OH! My favorite part was the check in counters: Louis french cabinets enclosed in lucite boxes. Tres chic: totally stealing
Burberry coat, Prada bag, James Perse dress, Missoni glasses