Monday, March 4, 2013

Does this art make my butt look big

The Alexander is the latest in art hotels to grace our fair city. HAHA. it's the only art hotel in Indianapolis and golly it's is pretty cool. 21C is my first love, but as someone pointed out, it can be quite old school while the Alex is all new modern specs. Plat 99 is THE hangout with a lovely view of Lilly (??) and glass lanterns sailing over the cool crisp space. Summer will be all Miami like with metal firepits and sinuous lounge furniture. The drink menu is charming or annoying, depends on how you roll and I am waiting for a good batch of the famous truffle popcorn, so far quite meh. We had fun exploring the hotel and finding all the art like an easter egg hunt of modernity. Nice mix of local and not so much. OH! My favorite part was the check in counters: Louis french cabinets enclosed in lucite boxes. Tres chic: totally stealing
Burberry coat, Prada bag, James Perse dress, Missoni glasses