Thursday, August 3, 2017

Rabbit Rabbit

Do you remember the Erin Featherstone (what ever happened to her anyway?)collab  line from Target circa 2011? Well I sure do. I was delighted when I found this rabbit baby doll dress whilst thrifting yesterday. While a a bunny dress is an excise to sport a teeny tiny top hat I will spare you. Added a red leather Kate Spade bow belt to replace the original missing one and Seigerson Morrison lace up booties. Baby doll dresses are hardly flattering, I will admit, however all you can eat sushi here I come

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Victoria Beckham and Target: it's not what you'd think

Were ya'll at Target this morning for the drop of Posh's collab? No? Well you missed a super cute retro Brady romper orange mishmosh of stuff. First I must say kudos to her for acknowledging there are indeed larger women out there and giving them a full gambit of styles in the PLUS line. When you are that skinny perhaps it would not cross your mind but anyhoo. I was also super sad to see the rabbit theme was in children's only. Luckily I think the XL kids might fit moi so I'm off to get this collared chemise.  This collection, while indeed adorable just seems to be all over the place. (Except for sexy. there is absolutely no sexy here.)  There is the aforementioned Brady look with orange, scallops and A line. There is the Manrepeller with coulottes, high neck blouse and carwash skirt. Oh, and lets not forget the Goth bee and bug print jacket dress and tank. Something for everyone I guess including bebee and coloring book class

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Target dog apparel, two of my favorite things

So I just got a new dog. and he is little with very short fur so I can legit put an sweater on him not just for my personal fun but for his personal health and safety. So there.
I paid special attention when I heard about blogger Oh Joy and her line for dog things for Target. As I suspected, lots of stripes and rainbows and at least one ridiculousness in the form of dog cape. Otherwise cute, not too deep, with the party hats and heart shaped bed being the standouts. I do not love the striped shirts, essentially the only clothes they offer so that was sad for Scrap and I.  Not sure if it is online only but I certainly did not find it at the Glendale Target

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Folk dance

In the name of Vita Kin I present to you the catalyst for never buying a white handbag again. It was filthy within a week of procuring it. Centos offered to dye it, but I dunno, $60 bucks seems like a lot for a bag I'm getting ready to ditch. 
Also: attended the Pattern workshop and  got the inside scoop on being a fashion journalist from Abby Gardner a local girl who MADE IT. And confirmed my suspicious that traditional blogging is dead. (Yes I know I am clearly not taking my own advice but sometimes insta is just not enough) Anyhoo, Pattern has these things once a month and if you don't have to drive everyone to violin lessons that night I strongly suggest you try to attend. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shopping parties? Booze required for attendance

I have an issue with shopping parties. Sell me purses, jewelry, candles,  sex toys and God forbid baskets? No. I can get that shit wholesale, is my philosophy. However occasionally I find myself at one of these possibly accidentally sometimes on purpose which happened recently. Perhaps it was the free cupcakes or maybe the proximity to a brewery but there I was at a Premier designs party and I did not hate it. It is  quite frankly is a quality jewelry line. I mean Target stuff is great looking until you fall down or something then your beaded bracelet necklace set is all over the floor. I especially likes the idea of the change out, meaning you can use these locking pieces to create new looks and many of the items, like pendants and earrings, were two sided with totally different finishes. Oh and the magnet clasps are awesome if you are completely sick of your lobster claw clasp not hooking properly pretty much every single damn time. Also the family business is magnets so I have to fully support that hi dad. Inspirational (aka God stuff), statement, and some teeny subtle personal  pieces were on many wish lists ( nosy me peeking). If you want to see, contact Audra here

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Its hat season! Calling Janessa Leone

My friend Laura Walters can rock a hat, I cannot, I fact I am most jealous of. Have you gone hat shipping lately? And I do not mean Easter/wedding/derby crazy hat shopping. I mean for an everyday staple, well made and classic that does not require a trip to Amish land? (which I have done by the way, just for a hat). Janessa Leon has created a line of just that, well made toppers in a floppy, boater and fedora style and neutral colors encouraging daily wear, which lets face it, it is a lot less sticky then 60 SPF. . Get them here

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bulletproof Coffee; shoot me now

I am a tired person. Though  I don't really look it thanks to my $150 YSL eye cream that comes with it's own spatula. you know, BECAUSE MY EYE BAGS NEED AN ACTUAL TOOL TO FIX. So when I heard about Bulletproof coffee and it's amazing all day memory sharpening abilities and all day alertness, I was totally in.
Here's the deal: freshly brewed coffee is blended with grass fed butter (like Kerrygold) and coconut oil, making it latte-ish.
Here's my deal :First I blew the lid off the blender whizzing up the hot coffee, probably should have used the Ninja there. That made me seriously awake, so it's working already. The website suggests 3 tablespoons of butter which is a damn lot and my special fancy butter did not have those nifty ruler marks on the wrapper, so I totally had to guess and probably over estimated and I added a lot of coconut oil because I like it. Bulletproof actually sells their own brand of all of these things but since I blew my budget on eye spackle I felt I should cool it down at bi and do the homemade thing. .Anyway, it tasted pretty good, not fall down amazing but shit, Kerrygold butter in pretty much anything, do I need to finish that sentence?
 Of course there is a downside. I had to keep it hot so the butter didn't congeal, I probably consumed about 500 calories and, dammit, I didn't feel that much more alert.  Le sigh