Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bulletproof Coffee; shoot me now

I am a tired person. Though  I don't really look it thanks to my $150 YSL eye cream that comes with it's own spatula. you know, BECAUSE MY EYE BAGS NEED AN ACTUAL TOOL TO FIX. So when I heard about Bulletproof coffee and it's amazing all day memory sharpening abilities and all day alertness, I was totally in.
Here's the deal: freshly brewed coffee is blended with grass fed butter (like Kerrygold) and coconut oil, making it latte-ish.
Here's my deal :First I blew the lid off the blender whizzing up the hot coffee, probably should have used the Ninja there. That made me seriously awake, so it's working already. The website suggests 3 tablespoons of butter which is a damn lot and my special fancy butter did not have those nifty ruler marks on the wrapper, so I totally had to guess and probably over estimated and I added a lot of coconut oil because I like it. Bulletproof actually sells their own brand of all of these things but since I blew my budget on eye spackle I felt I should cool it down at bi and do the homemade thing. .Anyway, it tasted pretty good, not fall down amazing but shit, Kerrygold butter in pretty much anything, do I need to finish that sentence?
 Of course there is a downside. I had to keep it hot so the butter didn't congeal, I probably consumed about 500 calories and, dammit, I didn't feel that much more alert.  Le sigh

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pierre Hardy Vouyer Shoes

Are you sick of footwear posts yet? Well, too bad, get your own blog. I saw these Pierre Hardy shoes in person and this photo does not do them justice, teose eyes are actually FURRY. Crazy cute and your choice of high or low. Only $895 for a permanent upskirt

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I want to like you, you seem so REGULAR despite the lizard nickname but not.  Iggy Azalea and Steve Madden shoe collab is 20% awesome and 80% trashy. As to be expected. I hate this  particular featured shoe. BUT there is really fab aqua mesh bootie that rocks (a picture I cannot find online) and
a few flats that are totally acceptable. Otherwise yuck. This whole collection is a rehash per use. Fancy is a rip off of Gwen Stefani, ginormous asses are never classy and while I admire her on staff brow professional, in general this look is neither original nor aspirational. STOP IT

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Surprise purse

I snagged this cutie purse thinking it was a 1960's crochet wicker basket style. It is not. Guess who this is? Michael Simon! Of the sparkle sweater Micheal Simon! I almost forgive him

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wendy Winter retro fun

This is the label of the ginormous bell bottom polyester plaid 1970's pants I wore today. Forgot to get a snap but I added a  cashmere Isli rhinestone epulate sweater and Coach platform clogs with stud detailing. I love the way "Jack Winter", a fusty knitwear company from the  1960's ,
re-branded to accommodate the young'ums

Monday, December 8, 2014


He who hesitates is lost but is that always the case when you are just trying to get a bargain? I went to an antique store closing this weekend and bought a few things at 25% off but one I found out the next day was half off, well,  I decided to be strategic and wait on the higher priced items including an amazing thick bangle with a large car face on rolled gold. Lets face it, I was keeping that for myself but did not feel particularly indulgent so I summoned some self discipline and decided to take a chance and wait. Needless to day, I gambled and lost. Now I am completely obsessed with it and if I ever see it again I will pay pretty much whatever they want for it. Sigh.  I did score these 1940's hood ornaments and metal rocket bank, a small consolation 

Friday, October 17, 2014


Being a vintage shop, we get our share of first timers in around Halloween looking for a costume. I am always curious what will be the retro trend. 8 years ago the "pimps and hos" was a big thing with zoot suits and teeny outfits along with Titanic turn of the century hats and garb. Harder to find then you might think. Thank god for the MadMen trend, QB has 50's dresses all day long. This year the 20's Gatsby thing is still going strong as well as a general "gore" type theme, probably zombie based. I will break out my new go to standard of 60's majorette outfit, since I ruined my bad fairy costume in 2011