Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shopping parties? Booze required for attendance

I have an issue with shopping parties. Sell me purses, jewelry, candles,  sex toys and God forbid baskets? No. I can get that shit wholesale, is my philosophy. However occasionally I find myself at one of these possibly accidentally sometimes on purpose which happened recently. Perhaps it was the free cupcakes or maybe the proximity to a brewery but there I was at a Premier designs party and I did not hate it. It is  quite frankly is a quality jewelry line. I mean Target stuff is great looking until you fall down or something then your beaded bracelet necklace set is all over the floor. I especially likes the idea of the change out, meaning you can use these locking pieces to create new looks and many of the items, like pendants and earrings, were two sided with totally different finishes. Oh and the magnet clasps are awesome if you are completely sick of your lobster claw clasp not hooking properly pretty much every single damn time. Also the family business is magnets so I have to fully support that hi dad. Inspirational (aka God stuff), statement, and some teeny subtle personal  pieces were on many wish lists ( nosy me peeking). If you want to see, contact Audra here