Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I like it

Tho' the hat looks like it might be made of her actual hair. EW

Good luck sleeping tonight

Paris Fashion Week: I appreciate extreme fashion design, but this look by Maison Martin Margiela scares me. And the more I look at this, a certain family photo comes to mind, which is equally horrifying

Suck it Aimee

When I bought this size 2 Burberry skirt my tiny sister told me to just give it up and send it to her because I will never fit into it. 4 years later I can say haha *gasp*

Monday, September 29, 2008

Or Vogue closet minder

What would your dream job be? Mine is Eddie Vedder's girlfriend or a B-52. Unbelievably, there was an opening for the best frickin' job ever and I passed. In 1996, techo sexo Lords of Acid was/were auditioning lead singers in NYC. Man, I could have been livin' the dream if I had more vacation days and less of a jerky boss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuQHT7nmYHU

Anyone want to go to Thrill Kill Kult with me on Thursday? I promise not to get bombed or wear hot pants. As usual.

Leave the light on

I used to not really care about hotels. You sleep there, you leave, who cares what it looks like? Then I got a New York boyfriend and he ruined me with a weekend at the Soho Grand where I sat next the Stella Tennent at the bar. It literaly changes your whole mind set for the day when you wake up in serious style. I can't wait to see this one, Gramercy, designed by Philippe Starck

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I wish you could see this whole picture

M y sisters and I once played this game called Go Goddess at a bachelorette weekend . Go figure. One of the questions was "What do people notice about you first?" My siblings answered, perfectly, I must add: my smile, my eyes, and my happy, (gagalicious i know but yet, so true) My answer was of course: boobies!! This dated, disgusting, objectification has worked for me so far, yet I am intrigued by the Lolita fashion movement. www.nytimes.com/thecity. It is completely a non sexual aspect of dress, despite the name. It is goth, Victorian, anime and a therapy session all rolled into one. You must have: the bell skirt, knee socks, flowing locks and mary janes. Completely adorable yet so feminine. I might try it this week. I have a petticoat that needs to get out

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Did you see me in Intake?

Hope not, what a hideous picture

Friday, September 26, 2008

Would you let these guys fix your roof?

So, I'm driving down 38th street and there are bunch of caucasians in a parking lot and some screaming so naturally I am intrigued. Indy Metal Fest has taken over the old Service Merchandise and what a time it is. Typical goth purple hair and fishnets and everyone must have gotten the memo to wear black but some surprisingly good shoes that even I would not wear in a mosh pit. I met the dude from super sexy Halo Guitars http://www.haloguitars.com/ and it almost made me wish I could play just 'cause they looked so cool

Eat me

If you must have sugar please do not hesitate to patronize the Flying Cupcake on 56th and Illinois. It could not be any cuter unless they had a unicorn farting rainbows behind the counter as you get rung up, seriously. Love the vintage decor. I bought the kids a lemon, cookies and cream and red velvet cupcake for their birthday eve and have been staring at them ever since. Must. Not. Consume.

Coat time yea!

This coat by Boden almost has it all. I love the big buttons and the wide trim. It has a classic formal fit but them the fringy edges keep it fun. Navy and brown is an unexpected combination but it really works. Now if only it had pockets it would be perfect. Who makes a coat without pockets?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So Juicy

Sexy and sweatsuit seem like polar opposites. But Juicy figured out how to do it and hooked me with their overall girly attitude in general. Though it got a little boring when Liz Claiborne bought it, the brand seemed to lose it's identity and just didn't seem as special. But, oh, what an influx of cash will do for a girl. Juicy's Couture Couture line is pretty sweet, bringing back the unusual and identifiable look of glamour and fun. FAB mink stole $3600

Is it a dress? Is it a shirt? Is it jammas?

Another look from Post Vegas, pretty different from that cardi from Curiosities. The bright pink on the design is actually yarn stitching not part of the print, pretty funky. I love my Spanx leggings but they smoosh my butt a little too much. You too?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pancake in my purse

The fast food industry has let me down once again. First Taco Bell stopped carrying black olives, then Einstein Bro's changed their menu, now McDonald's has discontinued their Asian (grilled only always) Chicken Salad. Now what the hell am I supposed to eat with my McHuge iced tea that I can't resist because it is only a dollar? What?

Look, Muffy

Shopping in downtown Carmel is really great or really awful. I was lured by the giant, possibly going out of business sale at Chaos only to find they did not open until 3, which is maybe why they are closing or perhaps they have just given up. I did get to see the sister store of haus in the form of Curiosities, which has the cutest bags ever. This vintage revamped cashmere cardigan by Post Vegas was giving me craft fever which is the only way I will ever own this look because this baby was $250. Jeans, lots of dark colored soft shirts and a teensy bit of shoes. I tried on an Angela Kesler stretch lace dress with a genius snap belt but at $380, I again sadly had to pass. Just a beautiful store, though I'd rethink that dressing room curtain

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Disheveled end of the dayness

Can you believe this dress got caught in a fan and lived? Props to Stedman Cleaners for the great repair. BCBG satin dress, some weird hooded shrug I got at consigment store


What the hell is this? It's very anti-establishment even if it can't decide what era it lives in. Victorian/1930's machine age/2026 Mad Max? I'd ride from my job at Oakley on this bike wearing this coat to a NIN concert


I think I might do change of seasons soon, even though it is still warm. Just sick of everything in my closet
Le Redoute blouse, Target Go shorts, giant hair courtesy of E Marx styling products

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just, no

I really, really wanted to like this dress. It has some great details including carved ball buttons, intricate pleating and a yellow sash but even the 1940's platforms couldn't save it. I think the 70's hit a little too close to home for me. And it was kind of itchy

Found this at the Goodwill today

Can you believe someone just GAVE this pantsuit away?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


When I was a kid my parents punished me by not letting me read my new library books. I have a giant fat folder containing lists of thousands of books I want to read. The first thing I did to my house was add a library built by this amazing guy named Tim who had, like, 15 kids and was not Amish. However, my taste in periodicals has evolved to less copy and more pics. I dropped Town & Country (too rich), Vanity Fair (too political), Country Living (a gift, obviously) and Everyday with Rachel Ray (too happy) and I have added Nylon, Artnews and Harper's Bazaar. I would love love to get the WSJ and NY Times everyday, but since I can barely get through the Sunday by Tuesday, I think all those piled up papers would freak me out. And no, I am not just going to read it online. I have to touch the words and tear out all the interesting things to be put in a giant pile for, you know, later

We shall see

I ordered this skirt today and can't decide if it's Junya Wantanabe or 80's Cato. Maybe both. Just might be irrelevant since they only had an XS and I have been hitting the onion dip pretty hard this weekend.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just a little advice

Always double check your bag to make sure you have both shoes so you don't have to wear your flip flops with your Armani dress to a funeral. Nope, not in that pocket either.

Friday, September 19, 2008

maybe i am a weirdo but i am really getting int James, a band from the early 2000

What can I say? I like dogs

I am still pissed off about the Jeff Koons puppy vase that I could have bought at the Cranbrook Art School gift shop in the late 90's for $350 which is now worth $8000. Instead I invested the money in a giant painting by Richard Reed of my beloved, best dog ever, Gus, while cool, has, by no means, increased in value. Wow, that's a lot of commas

Didn't feel like trying too hard today

Went to Keystone's Nordstrom opening day today. What a zoo. I was even more freaked out because the back of my truck was open because I had a chair in there I had taken to Consigning Women to, well, consign, and even though the website said you could bring stuff in anytime I was informed, that they were, indeed too busy today and can I come back next week? Ummm, no. So after parking in the crime scene of the week parking garage, I put everything of obvious value in my bag which then made it weigh 4 tons which was all for nothing since I left 2 tantalizing twenties on the seat. Anyhoo, the stuff at this store is great. Isili, Gryphon, Hanii y, Temperley (sooooo pretty), Alexander Wang, Ports 1961 and boring Burberry, though there was a cropped bronze shiny puffer coat which was pushing the envelope a bit. Handbag selection could be better and no super high end shoes. Huuuuge cosmetic department. Also saw some really bad plastic surgery. I am really hoping the weird stuff end up on the clearance rack in January because I will totally buy it
Forever 21 shirt, Citizens skirt, Vintage Modern shoes

Alarming yet fun

Let me tell you about D Wreck Walker. He has an amazing sense of personal style that is never trendy but always very fresh, like something Urban Outfitters will come out with NEXT week. He also makes these scarily cute super cool original stencils and puts them on vintage handbags and other stuff. You can see it at Gnosis in Fountain Square and at his apartment in the Wheeler Building during their open house. Or anytime, I guess, if you can sneak in past the security doors

Big night out

Barcelona Tapas good: Hostess' banded bloomer shorts
bad: waitstaff shiny soccer shirts
MoeJoe Coffee House good: beer
bad: fencing demo by World of Warcraft Weirdos
Brass Ring Lounge Good: liquor selection
bad: plastic seating outside

Renee Denby top, Blue Cult jeans and Leopard Stuart shoes

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So unlike me

This looks like something styled by Lucky magazine. Not one thing actually matches YET there are these subtle parallels. Like the ruffles on the shoes and top. The greys and blue in the same color tone. The slight pattern on the top and the Nipon skirt. The flip at the bottom of top and skirt. I could go on and on

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It Bag ovah

Fashionland is saying the It Bag is just not happening and I have to agree. Put your shit in last year's leopard Muse and be done with it. There is nothing new and super interesting and I don't mind resurrecting some of my old favorites, it's just a purse. K? They have been replaced by the shoe shoesshoesshoesshoes. This season is fun and fierce and just hot in general. Lots of straps that fashiony people are calling "birdcage" shoes, well it does sound nice, try them with a colored tights to really show it off, serious hardware and 4" heel or higher. I tell you I am 5'5" and I am told I have long legs all the time but Stumpy McStumperson does not, haha, it's the shoes. Get some, like this Gucci pair that has all of the above


Today is the day I am a human paper product. My shirt is a napkin, my pants, a kleenex and my hand a spit covered paper towel. Do you blame me for going all Hee Haw? Ill advised double ponytails, Midwest shirt, AG wide cuff cropped jeans and All Star rip off Nikes. I'll be better tomorrow

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Too big, but that's OK

Vintage is great but you cannot treat it like your Jose Frog Corona t shirt from Cancun. I ripped the crap out of this pique damask Jerry Gilden late 1950's dress just getting out of the car, but Marta's Alterations on 86th and Ditch fixed me up in a jiff. It would be great for an outdoor event because it has subtle rhinestone placement all over it that make you sparkle in the sunlight like a fairy dusted...OK, I am not sure where I was going with this so I will stop now. Killah Bebe covered platform heels, my highest ever at 5", a steal at $148 as opposed to those $800 Louboutians, and surprisingly comfortable. No, really.


I have broken my no skulls edict. Can I get a pass because this is a real logo I have a personal connection to and I wore it to the gym, not to a bar?

Monday, September 15, 2008


One time I was at Palomino and thought everyone was staring at me. Now, I know I looked super cute but not super super cute and I started to get a little nervous about my hair. Then my date helpfully pointed out Peyton Manning or some sports guy like that, I just don't know, who was sitting right behind me. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Today I did get recognized at Walgreen's and the gym and some crazy guy came to my office waving the article around wanting an autograph or my soul or maybe just some shopping suggestions. Still not sure what that was about

That is a LAMP

Red Rose Vintage is always a mess and my favorite things turn out to be costume rentals that I cannot buy, but, damn, that Debbie does some super fun displays and has a huge inventory of just great clothes. The new location on College Ave is nice and spacious and each room has a sort of theme. Lots of menswear and little surprises tucked into every nook. Go now!

You will be surprised

If you want to get out of your fashion rut, this is what you do: go to Saks and try on some stuff that is completely not you. This Phillip Lim dress is a perfect example. Too puffy, too high necked, too brown, too Amish. It was left in the fitting room and I figure once you were naked and you lipstick is rubbed off you might as well try on everything in the general area. I. Love. It. This dress was like my gateway drug to a higher level of design detail that I aspire to this day

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Damn that multiplication

You know, if I only had one kid, it would be outfitted in the Burberry stroller, the cashmere diapers and we would dress alike, often. But since I had three at once I am forced to buy a stroller that costs twice as much as the Bugaboo and is 5 times as ugly. How that is possible, I do not know but I am loving J Crew's line of kids clothes and would be all over that $200 sparkle cashmere sweater if I did not have to buy three of them at once. Cuuuuute

All this for only $30!

Went to the new Target at Glendale. Can I just say, it is about time? The shopping carts are all Michael Graves-ey sleek retro-ey. I got these shoes, which I love, even if they are pleather. Won't they look good with all that grey and wild plaids I'm loading up on for fall? Not necessarily together, OK. The burgundy color is almost a neutral and shiny is good

I wish it were bigger

But I say that about a lot of things

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You want edgy? I'll give you edgy

I am about over this skull thing. Unless you are an actual pirate, just stay away. Does it really show how dark and deep you are along with the spiders, crows and insects printed all over your tattoo looking shirt at Ice Lounge? No. But being with a girl wearing this Broken Label dress by Nagi Noda and Mark Ryden would. Totally.

I don't like sharing

Hello Zing! Either you are a tapas bar or you are not! You sure do use a lot of grapes! Your bar has too much yellow! The mousse sampler was amazing! Bye!

Not my best look

NO. I did not spend the day at Stumpy McStumperson's School of Deck Handery and Ballet taught aboard Krystal Carringtons yacht The Boobalicious. I JUST MADE A BAD CHOICE.
delia sailor pants, Le Redoute top

Friday, September 12, 2008

I killed 'em in the under 5 division

Big Night Out cancelled but I made up for it by competing in a Pants Off Dance Off contest at home. As I think about that, I realize that is kind of how my evenings out end up going anyway, but minus the hangover and small children part. This is the song I used for my big finish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8MDNFaGfT4

This T Bags tunic is falling apart and I swear I washed it in cold every time. For $125, I expect hems that stay raveled. Is that even a word?

Wet Rat

Silence and Noise dress/top at Urban Outfitters. I love the banded bottom and the beading is quite nice HOWEVER, the arms are cut so deep, there is no way you can wear a bra and not look trashy. Or not wear a bra and not look trashy. Too bad, at $48 it was a great price for a whole lot o style. Lots of feathered hair bands and a weird circular hair clip made of lace, feathers and a black silk rose, I just kept looking at it thinking "where..?"I had to buy an umbrella and the only one they had was unbelievably ugly. Just put it next to the rain bonnet in the glove box. Hideous. There was an interesting shiny snap blouse top thingy that caught my eye but I had already checked out.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I have these in my hallway

Thousands forced to flee Houston as Ike advances

Haha, I read this headline and thought it said IKEA. Not that I am unsympathetic. On Sundays that place is just craaaaizy