Sunday, September 21, 2008


When I was a kid my parents punished me by not letting me read my new library books. I have a giant fat folder containing lists of thousands of books I want to read. The first thing I did to my house was add a library built by this amazing guy named Tim who had, like, 15 kids and was not Amish. However, my taste in periodicals has evolved to less copy and more pics. I dropped Town & Country (too rich), Vanity Fair (too political), Country Living (a gift, obviously) and Everyday with Rachel Ray (too happy) and I have added Nylon, Artnews and Harper's Bazaar. I would love love to get the WSJ and NY Times everyday, but since I can barely get through the Sunday by Tuesday, I think all those piled up papers would freak me out. And no, I am not just going to read it online. I have to touch the words and tear out all the interesting things to be put in a giant pile for, you know, later