Friday, September 12, 2008

Wet Rat

Silence and Noise dress/top at Urban Outfitters. I love the banded bottom and the beading is quite nice HOWEVER, the arms are cut so deep, there is no way you can wear a bra and not look trashy. Or not wear a bra and not look trashy. Too bad, at $48 it was a great price for a whole lot o style. Lots of feathered hair bands and a weird circular hair clip made of lace, feathers and a black silk rose, I just kept looking at it thinking "where..?"I had to buy an umbrella and the only one they had was unbelievably ugly. Just put it next to the rain bonnet in the glove box. Hideous. There was an interesting shiny snap blouse top thingy that caught my eye but I had already checked out.