Monday, February 27, 2012

Be cool

Once, I had this awesome working 50's fridge that I took to an auto body shop to have it painted red and that guy could not wait to way over charge me to have it done all the while shaking his head in disgust. Whatever dude! Viking has validated me by relasing their new color line of red, orange, gold and green. As in avocado. It is indeed glorious and while the ex got the fridge (and a million dollars in debt sucka) I am always on the hunt for my next retail project kitchenette appliances and oh yes it will be pink. Or orange

From the Troll People

My sisters and I don't just HAVE BABIES. We have them three at a time (worst 4 hours of my life), while almost bleeding to death in our bathroom (famous quote "not the white towels") and while laying in the driveway whilst in a foreign country. One of us fertile myrtles has some catching up to do in the crazy delivery department, but at any rate, I clearly shop for baby gifts, and kleenex, a lot. Found this site, which has lots of lovely sustainable outfits, organic jewelry and wool balls. Sounds fun. Actually, most impressive is the gift wrap. They "soft wrap" every present, since boxes are raping the earth, and then stick a branch in there, just to drive the point home

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Three things

Pattern has released their inaugural digital issue and it is gorgeous. I love how it is all about local but looks like it should be in a fancy European bookstore Want a hard copy? Look for it in an independant bookseller near you. And seriously think about getting some ad space, it will make your business look all classy and shiz. Speaking of which, IndyReads is opening a book store on the east end of Mass Ave with all proceeds going to promoting literacy. I am doing my share by having a book donation box at Minx and buying Fox true crime serial killer books so he'll read in bed with me instead of watching fishing shows The pic above is from the Steve Aoki show we went to last week. I am directly in the middle front row with my mouth open, right before Steve threw a birthday cake at us. I ruined my shoes (suede, what was I thinking!!) and bruised my legs so bad I look tan. It was awesome

Monday, February 20, 2012

Insert some sort of hoot pun *here*

We all know owls are hot. I think it is because they can be cute or freaky, so they appeal to just about everybody. Ok so what do you get you you add OWL + BABY + SNACK? You get Night Owl Baby, a combo of the Just Pop In franchise and adorbs infant accoutrements. A limited specialty selection of good included: Night Owl logo tees and onesies, Owl shoe buttons, owl braclets and the all purpose onsie with appliqued initials in vintage inspired fabric. SO CUTE. The JPI selection of popcorn flavors and salts is right there too so grab something ofr the new mom or heck just yourself. 6406 Cornell Ave, Bro Rip

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

High Low collab alert

J Crew and Manolo Blahnick have paired up for the usually classics with a twist that The J is famous for. The iconic sexy pump in a cool range of fabrics will compliment the tweedy cigarette pants, Palm Beach prints and caaaashmere coming down the pike for fall. Meaning, they will appear on a store near you in about 3 months


Hey I know we are all sick of our winter clothes and the last thing you need is advice on how to dress up your heavy hot boots you have worn to death all winter and totally need a trip to the shoes spa at Kimmel for a new heel tap and major polish. And yet. can alevaite the sameness by providing pairs of boot wraps in styles such as beaded, silk wrap and pirate for about $46 each. Not a terribly new idea: I remember lopping a few studded belts from Commander Salamader around my Docs before the big Madonna lip sync contest at someone's slumber party. Well, since ankle strap sheos are HOT for spring I guess you could fool us all and wrap these things around your bare ankle when wearing last years stilettos. Oh Big Giant Sale Alert. Fab 23-26, Adidas will fill the Grand Hall at the Fairgrounds (HATE they raised their parking fee to an infuriating $5) with loads of overstock, misprint and obscure team apparel. Last time I went I bought a bunch of Terrapin sweatshirts. WHY. Expect to see lots of Superbowl loser Patriots t shirts. This sale is a 6 on the bargain and a 3 in the pain in the ass scale , maybe a 7 if you have lots of boys. The shoes suck

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sailor Moon

I could talk all about the new Harajuku Mini line from Target and how flippin' cute it is from the striped pirate leggings/shorts, smooshy cartoon bear face onesies, giant tutus and a logo that looks like 1970's Burger King but I think there is a bigger thing going on here. Like: Where did Gwen Stefani get that outfit!!! Halloween costume=DONE

Monday, February 6, 2012

Almost kitsch Prada S/S 2012

So I posted about the shoes from the Prada S/S '12 already because quite frankly they just kick ass. Here is a bit of the rest of the stuff in the collection, yes, equally amazing. Should also be noted but not shown: flame embellished full skirt shirtdress and hot rod print camp shirt