Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hey I know we are all sick of our winter clothes and the last thing you need is advice on how to dress up your heavy hot boots you have worn to death all winter and totally need a trip to the shoes spa at Kimmel for a new heel tap and major polish. And yet. can alevaite the sameness by providing pairs of boot wraps in styles such as beaded, silk wrap and pirate for about $46 each. Not a terribly new idea: I remember lopping a few studded belts from Commander Salamader around my Docs before the big Madonna lip sync contest at someone's slumber party. Well, since ankle strap sheos are HOT for spring I guess you could fool us all and wrap these things around your bare ankle when wearing last years stilettos. Oh Big Giant Sale Alert. Fab 23-26, Adidas will fill the Grand Hall at the Fairgrounds (HATE they raised their parking fee to an infuriating $5) with loads of overstock, misprint and obscure team apparel. Last time I went I bought a bunch of Terrapin sweatshirts. WHY. Expect to see lots of Superbowl loser Patriots t shirts. This sale is a 6 on the bargain and a 3 in the pain in the ass scale , maybe a 7 if you have lots of boys. The shoes suck