Saturday, February 25, 2012

Three things

Pattern has released their inaugural digital issue and it is gorgeous. I love how it is all about local but looks like it should be in a fancy European bookstore Want a hard copy? Look for it in an independant bookseller near you. And seriously think about getting some ad space, it will make your business look all classy and shiz. Speaking of which, IndyReads is opening a book store on the east end of Mass Ave with all proceeds going to promoting literacy. I am doing my share by having a book donation box at Minx and buying Fox true crime serial killer books so he'll read in bed with me instead of watching fishing shows The pic above is from the Steve Aoki show we went to last week. I am directly in the middle front row with my mouth open, right before Steve threw a birthday cake at us. I ruined my shoes (suede, what was I thinking!!) and bruised my legs so bad I look tan. It was awesome