Friday, September 5, 2008

Mine have kitties

This is the third time this week I've heard about pajamas as a fashion trend so I guess I should talk about it. Above from Dolce and Gabanna. Really, I don't see what is the big deal. I drive by Butler everyday and see plenty of pajamas being worn about. Do I want to see that at Ice Lounge or next to me at Palomino? Not really. But hey, stylistically there is a fine line between a bowling shirt and pajamas, as far as the slob factor. I love what Jeffrey Kalinksy owner of hip and famous Jeffrey's in NYC said about it in the WSJ "Will there be cool guys who want a pajama shirt to wear with their shorts? Yes. Am I going to have it for them? No," he says. Ha ha. If this trend makes it past the runway, I blame the Girls Next Door and those heinous Growing up Gotti boys