Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New store

The Silver in the City empire has expanded in the form of Nurture, a neo baby boutique across the street. Seriously, KK can just do no wrong on Mass Ave. Carrying mostly Tea brand clothes and a cool super soft soy based line for infants, she's offering mod kid furniture as well that is so hip it hurts. It may be stark but, man, is that plastic easy to clean. This awesome dog lamp is 65 bucks of nightlight.
Sakura Urban has moved down to the cool kids block, next to the new Bu Da eatery, and will be adding clothing to it's funky accessories stock. I did not explore the purse/necklace/sunglasses store next door, Sugarpie or whatever it's called, because I was trying to avoid a parking ticket, FAIL, but Shoppers Eve is this Friday (Open until midnight! Free gift wrap!) so perhaps I can hit that then
New SVU 2 nite I LOVE Elliot