Sunday, June 23, 2013


Been in search for the perfect basic chambray shirt. Want to pair it tucked in with navy cream striped J Crew raffia pencil skirt, as a bathing suit cover up and tied under bust w black high waisted shorts (not all at once) While I could dig up my oversized acid washed Guess one from 1987 I decided it needed to be a bit more fitted and less acidic. After tearing up the Madewell display (geez they all has the sleeves rolled up how am I supposed to try them on) of various styles, settled on the 'EX BOYFRIEND LIGHT" (perhaps that is why he is an Ex) sadly not on sale and will never be according to the heavily banged associate.

Finally got to the C Wonder store and did I feel like Victoria's Secret (mirrors and stuffed logo dogs) Kate Spade ( Hollywood Glam) and Dollar Store (overwhenming smell of plastic wrap). threw up. Get it together Chris! Signature scent! Lose the dog! Was hoping to get a stack of enameled bracelets but didn't feel I should reward the branding fail