Monday, July 25, 2011

Smurfette's Bazaar spread

My Harper's Bazaar has been violated!!

I didn't like you in the 80's and I certainly do not like you now. Insert laugh track. Cheap jokes and cheap shots at a cat lover who is just looking for acceptance of self and the absence of unmitigated, unnecessary cheerfulness. And the whole overuse of that "S" word. Why do you y'all think the world and language revolves around you?

Really, does this do justice to the clothes or just make them seem, um cartoonish? Well, duh.

As far as the movie, I told the kids: "Your Dipshit Dad can take you to see this one." Nuh-uh. I'm holding out for Happy Feet 2

Oh, and by the way? You are totally, and obviously, photo shopped. No how can your wide ass feet fit into those stilettos

ETA: my friend Jenny Elig feels the same way. See