Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I get enough in my inbox

What is it with these style driven shopping sites? you know, the ones who ask you what you like to wear based on a choice of three outifts or accessories, then send a you monthly selections based in this limited algorithm. Kim Kardashian has one for shoes, The Olsen twins for tee and for shoes without the big giant ass endorsement.
This shit is totally flawed for many reasons. First of all, the three choices you are usually given to chose from are so outrageously typecast, it is pretty easy to see where they are leading you. Secondly, not everyone fits into a this set pattern. Especially me. sure I like some me some crazy extreme runway type get up but also staid classic brands that obviousley cost thousands of dollars (retail!.)Also, clevage. None of these really go together so the tee or shoes shoved at me is always a bit of a miss. The third flaw is such: I don't want to buy soemthing I already have some of. Send me off an a wild tanget PLEASE.
Well, it probably works for sheep
Anyway (MK & A, looking at you) don't we have anough super soft t shirts in our C&C, Splendid and James Perse? Thought so