Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Oh look I got some of them there fancy pants lightweight natural gait New Balance running shoes. Sadly Nordstrams was sold out of the neon yellow ones in my size so I went for the pink. I got to experienced the new Nordstroms INDEPENDANT SALES type employee who does not need a POS because they carry one around with them. The bad part is it looks like a smartphone so you are never sure if email is being checked while you are being ignored or they are just looking for your size. And I had to get my own footie. WHICH MAY HAVE BEEN USED. We are one step away from self check out, which I am ok with but think, like the ATM, we should get a discount for using since we are saving some corporate cog on payroll.

And a review of the actual shoes? I think I will stick to my Asics, I need the support as far as working out. But man there are super cute and will pair with dark skinnies for AM garage sales