Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nautical again

Lets get the outfit out of the way first. I have about 14 navy and white striped shirts, this one is Gap, and I know it looks like I wear the same one at least twice a week but let me assure you they are indeed different, whew glad we got that cleared up. Boston Proper double gold button bib skort that I have to be careful not to pee on because of the back flap, lesson learned the hard way, Coach gold wedges totally not comfortable and one of my 47 Boat N Totes from LL Bean. Theme week! I was weaing this to the member preview of the new interactive bird exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo and it was pretty hilarious. You go into this giant cage with all these things flying around your head and shreiking at you. Since this is literally the first day, these birds are terrified, with guinea hens running amok back and forth in the same 2 feet of trail, parrots pooping randomly (they only got 1 out of four of us, a pretty good day if you ask me) and not one has any interest in the cups of necter and seeds on a stick being proffered by squealing children causing much woe. To the children. I say give these birds a month and they will all weigh five hundered pound and be laying on the trails just waiting for you to pour food in their mouths so try and hit the sweet spot and show up next week