Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Old, retarded or 2

Isabell Murant $650

Ash $325
I am totally hot for a wedge sneaker for my cas time. All of the height none of the wobble and it really really looks good with graphic skinnies. (Betsey Johnson roses uh huh) My stopper? VELCRO. I refused to let my children have velcro sneakers no matter how much they begged. Only for the infirm, I insisted, is anyone here infirm??? No!! And I still subscribe to that theory, even for myself in the face of ungodly yet comfy fashion. Sigh. WHY! Maybe it is a Reebok 80's throwback, oh retro retro. I hear Ferragamo my have an un-velcro sneaker. Untill then I am rocking my Baker's late '92 high heeled sneakers that, inexplicitly, people at bus stops really seem to love