Wednesday, May 28, 2008

arty, ini't

In theory, high waisted black pencil skirts seems like a good idea. Slimming yet basic. But verily, there is a catch. If you are actually skinny enough to look good in one, you will not look good in one. Let me explain; high waist+skinny waist =good, all other variables will make it bad. And, think about it, if you are skinny enough to wear this you probably don't have a butt, also not a good look. I saw two of these today both worn with, surprisingly, a nude heel. Nude shoes have always, to me anyway, made you look as if you have no feet, just a root or tentacle. But these babies are HOT and the only ones I would ever consider

Worked outside and in the warehouse today. Worn my Born Again Floozies shirt, (great band in small doses probably-too-short-for-me-but-what-the-hell army olive mini and my fave pink polka dot rain boots