Monday, May 12, 2008


My favorite thrift is the Unique on 38th street. Worth the trip as it is centered in the mecca, which includes Value Village, Goodwill, The Sharing Place and the now horrible Salvation Army. Monday is 25% off day, not as great as the 50% off days that occur on major holidays, but much less the crowd. I got some great vintage western shirts, a Mexican tooled handbag for resale and some cute Gymboree jammies. Most awkward moment: random stranger asking to use my cell phone, me claiming I don't have one and spending the rest of the time in the store praying it does not ring in your purse, kind of ruining the hunt a bit. I did meet a giant wearing a dress with crocs. Well not quite, it was a kilt, but still disturbing. It was not so much a GUY wearing a skirt, I think it was the fact it looked like it was made of black satin, waaaay too formal for 3:00 in the afternoon. really, what would Muffy say. Actually, I appreciate the effort by this obvious nerd, to express himself. And before you get shitty about the "obvious nerd" part remember...he was wearing CROCS.