Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Got mail

This is what I got in the mail today which is actually pretty light and does not include magazines and furniture catalogs. I used to have a serious catalog shopping problem, since there were no STORES where I used to live. I would call late at night and my roommates would be like "Jesus, Jennifer, stop dialing! It's 2 am!" You've got your basic Victoria's Secret which arrives every day. I think they need called out for not being very eco friendly. I can't fit into their slutty bras anyway and their shoes try really hard but just suck to wear. La Redoute is a nice surprise. I thought"oh great, another icky Newport News spin off" but their clothes, while cheap, have a european feel about them. On their website they have stuff designed by Courrege and Ungaro, which are actually kind of interesting. Alloy and Free People-Ugh too hippie. Boston Proper- Rich California trashy. Oh Boden! That is a nice surprise. Suuuper cute kids clothes and the adult stuff not too shabby, Just interesting fabrics and a great Marni rip off necklaces. Sephora and Bliss- why do I pay the shipping when there are stores in town? Because the catalog is beautiful and fun and I always find something in the few pages of clothing in Bliss. Oh look, new butt lifting pants! Which reminds me, those masai weight loss shoes are just too ugly not to work. Has anyone tried them? Maybe you just feel thin, once you take those orthopedic clown shoes off. J Crew, also a frequent arriveste. I think they have been getting a little too big for their britches lately. $400 sweaters? Python bags? Really, what happened to the patchwork shorts preppy look? Everything is sooo vintage 50's and 60's. I'd rather hit the store, they have killer mark downs. Outlet, not so much. I miss receiving Vivre but I guess I did not order enough(anything at all) to keep getting it