Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pack Attack!

There is nothing more lothesome then packing for a trip. Going to Texas Hill Country for a fancy wedding, not that Bush girl, that was last week, but my baby sister's. It is damn hot there so I have turned this packing thing also into my change of seasons which usually takes at least a week. I am a little skinnier this year, so I have unearthed some almost forgotten great vintage I can maybe fit into.*Exciting* But back to the pack. I am hoping to get some retro wild fab cowboy boots during our 24 hours in Austin, but might not since I also have to fit in a spray tan and pre pre wedding cocktail party as well as a possible visit to that fake Prada store in Marfa. Really struggling, as I wear a lot of dresses in the summer but that does not seem appropriate for a ranch and you you know how I love to get in costume for the occasion. Maybe a full 1950's skirt with a cactus print and/or 1970's rose embroidered denim pantsuit? Over all, I am pretty pleased with the BM ensamble. Green chiffon cocktail dress from J. crew, hot pink sandals and large pin flower pin to put where we choose. Oooh the possibilitites! I hear there is no internet on this planet called Ranch so I will be back on Sunday with photos. I hope those big haired big jewelry texas ladies don't let me down