Friday, May 23, 2008

French farming

It hard to believe, but I have not been to every, single, solitary, clothing store in Indianapolis. However, I will stand by my favorite of all time, champion of the world, every time I go I just about pee my pants with delight store, EVER. French Pharmacy(IE) God. It is just a beautiful thing. Amazing designers, well curated jewelry. And if you can stand the wait, a true sale. The best pet yet right now? Philip Lim, as always, fun, light blue and cream rosette dress, It may make my butt look big but it is just ADORABLE. Castle Starr jeweled neckline, always edgy but restrained, Tory Burch, Pierre Hardy, YSL. can i just say that again? YSL BAGS, SHOES, MONSTER TRUCKS. Oh just stop. The Muse bag in a slate blue, I want it with a vengeance. Amazing leopard heels. I am going to sit down now with my head between my knees. Call me when it is 75% off. I WILL SO BE THERE

Pic above is the Leonello Borghi chincilla bag with some skinny girl, also at FP ( the bag not the girl)