Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Frankley my dear

So I am at Frankey's today, which I usually avoid on principal because they have terrible sales, I mean NEVER 75% maybe 50 if you are lucky. Anyhoo, I was all excited because i found this pink ruffled thing by Geren Ford whom I had just read a profile about in New York Times Magazine and had thought to myself "he has a pretty nifty futuristic look, I'll have to get me some of that" but have now realized the article was about Gareth Pugh and not only that but Geren is a girl. I did indeed pass on the frock, it was a mere 30% off but could not a resist a teensy bit too big Black Halo dress and appliqued waist silk skirt by objets trouves. I will be checking back to see if that Origami dress gets marked down, it was like wearing air but lots of cool details. Can you tell the person taking the picture is 2 feet tall? Oh yeah, interesting shoes; winter and tall boots 40% off, there are some spat pumps I am still considering