Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dig it

Oh I just love it when clothes are useful. I mean besides from covering your nakedness and all. April 77 Records men's jeans come with a guitar pick holder, no word on what the woman's line is offering to store for you. I noticed today my 5 year old's coat has a pocket for an ipod and a hole for the earbud cord. My five year old does not need a damn ipod. GPS maybe, but not a ipod

At Girly Chic today on Westfield in Bro Rip, enticed by the 70% off sale sign. Big rack of $25 clothes, marked down in anticipation of their move up the street to the old Big Hat Books. My camera was dead so i couldn't get a picture of this adorable cardi with a 50's happy cat stencil on it. You can see it for yourself at their new store starting Feb 1. speaking of sales TJ and Marshalls has 15% off all merchandise tomorrow only. They are billing it as customer appreciation but it is really part of their plea bargain for letting customer info get hacked