Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Laborious weekend

Soooo I went to North Coast Music Fest in Chicago (EDM y'all) this weekend and fashion wise it was just terrible. Movement in Detroit was ten thousand times better as far as cool outfits versus this Ribfest but i guess this site sees it differently. http://www.refinery29.com/north-coast-music-festival-in-20-street-style-snaps

Maybe I'm just bitter becsue i wore my rubber Vivianne Westwood mj's and it was flip flop hell. It reinforces my Chicago small town with a traffic problem opinion. And fucking Topshop was not open yet, color me outraged.

My music highlights??? Right, I knew I was there for something....Carl "oh yes oh yes" Cox was awesome(front row, bitches) and Whiz Khasi Cereal was just the worst ever. If I heard "pussy" once I heard it one thousand times. Mix up will ya: Bearded clam? meat curtains? get creative jeez.

Fat Boy Slim was epic. I literally peed my pants jumping about in that mosh. The Best Ever. I want him to play at my wedding after the bagpipers. For reals