Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th y'all

When I was in grade school, I would only wear was red, white and blue. No necessarily together of course but that was it in the color spectrum of my clothes. This carried over to decor when I got to pick out my own wallpaper and choose this hideously fantastic giant cartoon floral that must have given my east coast DAR mother the fits. So Murakami!! It was pretty embarrassing seeing this in college but now 20 years later I can see how it was superbad. I could truly sell a roll of that stuff for at least $50 on eBay. This is an awkward segue way into my not red or white, 4th of July outfit. Can you tell I'm totally wearing my retainer? Well, it's not really a retainer, more of a mouth guard slash unintentional puffy lip maker, which is an interesting new look but I am glad I can undo it by taking it out. Yes, I am still hangin' on to those Juicy Couture terry capris but in my defense have indeed ditched all the 2003 sweatsuits, velour and terry both. H&M embroidered top, not really my normal style, a little blouse-y but good for sitting on the porch reading People magazine and drinking too many diet Pepsis. Kid is in rumba Petit Tresor, pre-mud puddle