Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where's the vintage Hawiian shirts?

Maybe I'm over 20 years of mall fashion, but I have been really attracted to avant garde kind of stuff lately. You know, things like 3 sleeve sweaters and cloven toe boots. I was really inspired by the IMA's Breaking the Mode show and tried to get some of said Martin Margiela shoes on ebay for a whole week before I realized how big they would make my feet look. Some of it is just silly, like the Ann Demeulemeester's "No Sleeve Top" (no shit) for $600, looks like a shrug for the prison's formal. However, I do love this Alexander McQueen fuzzy leather dress, a steal at $737.40. Sadly, the problem with buying online and weird cut clothing is the inability to try on combined with the no return policy. I just can't go there since I am a huge returner of about 75% of what I buy (Unworn! I swear!)If you would like a $600 piece of fabric you can get this stuff at http://www.aloharag.com/ and sometimes Frankeys in Nora has these brands, too