Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And the big Vogue too

Working on the fall list. Need some new tall black boots, just like every year, maybe those Chloe ones with the horseshoe sole. I'd like a big squishy clutch bag and a bell sleeve coat, or is that too 2007? Really really want the Burberry studded leather bracelet. Paper bag waist pencil skirt in navy. 80's style pointy pumps in a bright color. Some legging or super tight pants that are scrunched at the bottom. Pretty short list for fall, I know. That will change, I am sure, once I get a look see at the ginormous September W in a few weeks. My floor will be littered with tear sheets and broken dreams.
My hand was killing me, too much blogging carpel tunnel maybe, hence the grimace and spectacularly bad photo. It's not you. Ethnic-ey beaded top balanced by menswear plaid shorts. The purple in both pieces pulls it together so you don't realized the incongruence of hippie executive. Or something like that.