Monday, June 27, 2011

Creed. Not the sucky band

What do you get a man who has everything? I'm talking about Father's Day, the bugbear of gift giving occasions. My biological dad got a bunch of wine but my Big Daddy required a bit more thought. I love to spoil him so what could be more decadent then a custom fragrance? OK well aside from the flying to France thing and the $5000 pice tag it was suggested to me that I explore a certain brand called Creed. Wildly expensive, exclusive to very few shops and hugely historic (like, the oldest fragenace house to still be in existance, whoa)it stakes it's reputation on custom scents for rich people(Frank sinatra, Winston Churchill) and super concentraion of unusual oils

First of all let me say, ideally, in fragrance shopping, you bring the person with you. The scent on the paper, in the air, on your arm: will smell entirly different. I did not do this.

There was a surprising amount to choose from and the very patient sales person quickly narrowed it down to what I wanted. Which was basically; NOT TO SMELL LIKE ANYONE ELSE. Or like Patchouli. Proving a sniffer of coffee beans to clear my nostrial pallete, we got to 10, then 5. Here is the weird thing, some I hated at first sniff ended up getting better and better as they mellowed. In fact, the one I adamantly hated at first ended up being the winner. The second choice was made for Jackie O but I assure you it did not smell the least bit girlie