Friday, August 8, 2008

Thinking about these

Everyone knows the best boot selection is in stores right now. If you wait even another month your faves will be sold out and you will just be pissed that you even tried to wait for a sale that is not ever coming. I should know, this happens to me almost every year. Frye is the oldest continually operating shoes company in the US and if you are into that patriotism thing this may mean a lot. To me, this means some baggage, as I remember Frye as being these short, harnessy, squared toed uglyness Jon Cannon and his ilk wore in grade school. However, while researching some amazing ACNE pumps, I caught these Frye boots on the website and may just have to buy them. They are $398, which is not cheap, but I bet they wear like the dickens. I am a little concerned about the strap stuff, I usually don't like my boots encumbered by frippery and it makes them extra caz. Maybe they can just be my jeans boots and I'll keep looking for something sleek for skirts