Friday, August 15, 2008

Note to self: black bra next time

There is a lot of pressure when you go back home. You have to look good at all times in case you
run into your ex fiance when you least expect it, like at the drug store. There's that whole parent expectation thing that makes you feel like you are 13 years old and an idiot. And there is never enough Diet Pepsi, forcing you to got to CVS in your pajamas and running not only into your ex fiance but also his 28 year old wife and fat mean sister. Of course, there are some good things like Netty's chili dogs, seeing how huge your romantic nemesis got and exploring Sake Bombers. Usually I hate those Bennihana chef cooking at your table dinner things, your hair smells for days, they use a load of fake butter (right in front of you! I'm not eating that now!) and it takes forever to get actual food. But, the kids love it and, did I say this already?, SAKE BOMBERS