Saturday, August 9, 2008

Catfish are just gross. Even fake ones

You must admit, this is quite a departure for me. Every magazine this month is showing the Anita Pallenberg/furry vest/Iamthewalrus look and it must be rubbing off. Or maybe it is all that Nicole Ritchie US magazine overload. Personally, I have never cared for, or tried this hippie look even when I went to an actual Dead show where I almost starved to death because I refused to eat anything that was cooked on a car engine in the parking lot. Today, what really happened was I was trying to double my Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra necklace and it got stuck on my head and I liked it. I was also trying to decide if I should ditch the Renee Denby skirt but I got a compliment on it from a girl wearing these Mui Mui olive patent flats, so I guess it looked OK. I am just hoping I don't have a clover shaped tan line on my forehead tomorrow