Friday, August 22, 2008

Bitchin' II

Have you ever been somewhere, possibly lost, and you look around and realized there is a whole other world of language and style and mentality that you will never understand or fit into? Not that this is a bad thing, I'm just sayin'. I checked out this sneaker store in Bro Rip "Got Sole". Fun kicks with a little attitude for your bad self in a graffiti bedecked setting. OK, When I shop for shoes I want something that will make my feet look small and my personal self look cute/sexy. This is not the store for this type of mentality. It about cool, which, quite possibly, I am not. There are many familiar brands like Reebok and Nike and just unbelievable color combinations. I was attracted to this green and periwinkle argyle patterned low Nike but the realized I had some Tretons with a swoop just like it. I was hoping to see some of those famous limited edition like A Bathing Ape gets, but alas. Happily the price points are reasonable, topping out at $150. This Yo! MTV Raps sneak is their best seller. Fun, huh?