Saturday, August 16, 2008


Toledo gets a bad rap just like Peoria. It just sounds like a dorky place to live. But, I have to tell you, though smaller in population, it is actually hipper then Indianapolis. Perhaps it is that Detroit influence but the radio stations are better, people appreciate effort in dress and everyone talks with that cool flat northern accent. We did spend a lot of time shopping in Moto City because, dispute my disclaimer above, Toledo runs amuck with chains. That has started to change and I hit Bella Brie Boutique, which has a horrible name, but interesting selection of mid priced clothing carrying some of the more fun, retro Juicy Couture designs, hip Qi Cashmere, tons of Hudson jeans (ovah), Ella Moss and Theory. This dress is by Susana Monoco who I have never heard of. Totally modern with that collar and military lines in a soft structured wool fabric. I wish you could see it better but that mirror was soooo dusty ick