Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where is my big giant Vogue??

Growing up, the best periodical time of the year is when you would get your huge Seventeen Magazine back to school issue. It would signal the beginning of a clothing anxiety unlike any other. Now I anxiously await my huge September Vogue, Elle, In Style and W amidst the fears I have let my subscription expire. Will I need to pay the cover price this time? Lately, in various waiting rooms, I have been reading a lot of Teen Vogue and Teen Cosmo (crazy sex magazine for kids?? whatever) and I have to admit the fashion portion has kept my attention but I could do without the Was I Red moments my tampon fell on the floor in front of my crush's dad. I had to transfer schools twice so I will not be subscribing
Furry vintage 1960's mod coat, great rhinestone ball buttons