Tuesday, November 27, 2012

That is a lot of backs

I cannot believe he agreed to do this. LOVE HIM

jeeze louise thats alot of people,  17, 000 give or take
My family is a whole lot of marathon runners. God, it is so annoying, My philosophy is "I COULD DO THAT BUT I DON'T WANT TO" This manifests itself in our tradition: The Thanksgiving Day Morn Race that be Smoke the Turkey in Toledo OH. Oh Goody there is one here which is called, adorably, Drumstick  Dash.

Truth: Fox and I did it and it was totally fun. No training whatsoever. Next year I am wearing a tutu  and /or tiara and will be well more aware of the finish line placement

Oh yeah it raises huge fundage for starving people. Just sayin'