Sunday, March 11, 2012

How far will you go

Costume jewelery: it is a reality for us not loaded lovers of adornment. There are really only two levels: the super trend on, falls apart next week Forever 21, dollar 99 type stuff and the $300 to (add a zero) $3000 stuff. Well girls on a budget may feel like the cheaper the better but do not disparage or consider saving up for a designer piece be it local (Allison Ford)or W magazine name drop like Oscar de la Renta. You can see the the latter in Indy at places like Saks and the occasional fancy pants boutique but take your time and avoid feeling weird at Oh there is no sale section to be sure (darn) but inspiring pieces that you can bookmark for a special b day gift or bonus blowing. Think of it as an investment 'cause just like their precious metal counterparts, these pieces will not lose value for reals